Have you entered the temple of consciousness, or are you wandering in the wilderness?

Historically speaking, we are in an interesting place (I think that's the one thing we can all agree on right now!)  The events of the past few years have highlighted the duality within humanity, and brought a lot of fight, anxiety, and fear to the surface.  We argue over human rights, healthcare and wellbeing, power, freedom, and what each of these mean to each of us.

In truth, we all want to feel better, healthier, more aligned, more harmonious within.  We just have different ideas of how to get us there.


Recently, I have been meditating on modalities, philosophies, religions, different paths, different paradigms.  I have come to the conclusion that each of these is simply a key or a doorway.  But I am not interested in those... I am only interested in what is beyond.  I am only focused on what is behind the door.

I believe that we lose our way when we become too fixed on the mode of transportation, the map, the obstacles around us.  We forget the driving philosophies that started our journey in the first place!  As we become lost in the wilderness, distracted by the noise, the strangeness, we feel overwhelmed by the things that matter less than our actual goals.

And in truth, we prolong and complicate the whole thing by insisting that the story unfolds in a specific (often very limiting) way.


What would happen if we could surrender the dogma to create space to breathe and be?

What could happen if we let go of the fixed processes, and became the realisation, healing, consciousness we are trying to reach?



This approaching Pisces Full Moon allows us to move through the door and into the temple, out of dogma and into consciousness.  It is an opportunity to operate from a place of divine consciousness instead of being distracted and slowed by human duality.  It presents an opportunity to tune into the inner wonders, and out of the disharmony.  What are you willing to surrender for that?

Ask yourself the following:

* If I could strip away the noise, the distraction, the conflicting beliefs and feelings, what would I leave behind?  And what would I be left with?

* What are my guiding principles, my deepest core values?  What do I worship, or have faith in?

* What triggers the most frustration, anger, judgement in my life right now?  Can I make peace with the realisation that I can be conscious without having to fight?

* What feelings, experiences, people do I want to be most connected with?  What can I do to choose these on a regular basis?


Take some time this week to consider your inner temple, the consciousness within that is without judgement or fear.  Allow your energy and focus to return and return and return.  The returning to this temple of conscious is really the journey that matters.



**We'll swim with the Pisces Full Moon on Monday, the energy is already reaching full flow!

**For those of you who would like to immerse yourself in more healing and consciousness, there is an array of offerings over the next few weeks (including the Equinox, Meditation in Edinburgh, and Theta Healing Dig Deeper courses)!  Seek below for what resonates!


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