Are you tangled in the past or expanding in the present?

Over the past few weeks, I have had the most interesting dreams!  Most of them have included places and people from my childhood and early adult years, with repeating themes and outcomes.  It has been fascinating to witness how my subconscious mind is playing out what it feels is unresolved.

Pisces energy is often very dreamy, watery, illusory, and deep.  And as you know, the deeper you go in a body of water, the darker it gets, the more pressure you feel.  So when we dream, this is often a time for our mind to go fishing into the depths, to see what needs attention, understanding, or healing.

The image that I get whenever I meditate on these issues is an untangling.  We know that when we pull cord or string that is tangled, we usually make it worse.  If we try to untangle it too fast, without assessing, we just add to the mess.

So what I have been doing is allowing my mind and my energy to float in the watery energy and to untangle itself...

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Have you entered the temple of consciousness, or are you wandering in the wilderness?

Historically speaking, we are in an interesting place (I think that's the one thing we can all agree on right now!)  The events of the past few years have highlighted the duality within humanity, and brought a lot of fight, anxiety, and fear to the surface.  We argue over human rights, healthcare and wellbeing, power, freedom, and what each of these mean to each of us.

In truth, we all want to feel better, healthier, more aligned, more harmonious within.  We just have different ideas of how to get us there.


Recently, I have been meditating on modalities, philosophies, religions, different paths, different paradigms.  I have come to the conclusion that each of these is simply a key or a doorway.  But I am not interested in those... I am only interested in what is beyond.  I am only focused on what is behind the door.

I believe that we lose our way when we become too fixed on the mode of transportation, the map, the...

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What will you relinquish to set yourself free?

We have entered March, but are not quite yet marching ahead (that comes towards the end of the month)!

Here, in the final sign of the zodiac, the last of winter, we enter the end.  And the endings are up to you.

I see this time of year as a period between, not quite a rebirth, but a dying of sorts.  Death often evokes fear of loss, a degree of grief, as we release what is known.  But these periods of death invite powerful liberation, an opportunity to shed the old, to become more free.  We often strive for the new beginning, a new way to feel or live, but until we allow the old to die away, we are unable to fully embody the light and lightness or the dawn.

Allow yourself to take some time to immerse yourself in the waters that will wash away what no longer thrives.  Swim deep into yourself, into your dreams, your intuition, the aspects of you that fully understand your capacity to relinquish what has held you.  This requires courage, a...

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