How do your own words teach you?

What do your words show you about yourself?

I had the great privilege of speaking at the Dundee Goddess Gathering event over the weekend, and was reminded of the consciousness within language, words, and communication.

The specific words and phrases we choose to speak reflect what we believe. They can show us our deepest doubts and fears, but also our strengths and areas of growth.

When we really pay attention to the specific words we are choosing in any moment, we can become more aware of the patterns we are still looping within, unconsciously creating the same scenarios again and again. And when we become more aware of the pattern, and start to act in different ways, the story and the language around it evolves too.

A lot of emphasis is put upon the power of language. The word Abracadabra means 'I will create as I speak'. But I wonder if it is less about the power of the speech, and more about what those words reflect more deeply from within. If there isn't a belief or conviction within what we say, there is not a lot of power in it either. There has to be a deeper resonance for the words to have any type of impact or potential.

Reflect on what you have been talking about over the past few weeks or months, the repeating stories, conversations, demands, requests, opinions shared. Whatever continues represents where your mind is stuck, your feelings fixed. Your words are not recreating the pattern, they represent the energy cycling within you. So what could change on those deeper levels, that would then shift the conversation?


Worth meditating on over the coming days:

  • Which story am I fixated on? Which words do I return to that show me where I am unhealed and unconscious?
  • What sayings or statements to I repeat over and over again? When did I begin this, and what does it show me about when my development stagnated?
  • Instead of making myself the centre of the story, the hero, the creator, do I make it about what someone is 'doing to me', instead of how I am reacting or co-creating?
  • How do I speak about myself that indicates my lack of confidence, respect, or honour? What could I do to rebuild my self-esteem, and respect myself more?


Remember that every word, every conversation can indicate where you are healthy and healed, or where you can evolve and grow. The ways you express yourself tell the world what you believe, but can also help you to delve deeper into yourself, so that you can resolve the stories that you are ready to finish living. Take the time to really listen to yourself, to understand yourself in a new way. You are ready to express yourself with more grace and love!


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