Your Relationships with others begin within You

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more organised and flowing with a healthy rhythm at the end of Virgo Season!

Tomorrow, we enter into Libra Season, which brings focus to our relationships. And really, anything & everything within and around you could be addressed during this time. We relate to various aspects of the world in different ways, based on our perspectives, experiences, and memories. And if we want to change the relationship with something outside of us, we have to go within...

When I feel into the energy of the next month, I see lenses being adjusted, cleaned, removed. I see stories and dramas resolving and clarity giving new shape to perspective. I feel cravings lessening, and habits fading. I hear clear communication, discernment of expression...

And a shift in perception around Relationships in general- Instead of seeing them as difficult, confusing, overwhelming, what if it could be simpler?

What if we could surrender the obstacles and distractions we choose every day?

What if we could release the running commentary in our minds about how we are 'right', or 'wrong', or the other is a problem?

What if we could shake out the narratives that lead to nowhere, or in a never ending circle?

If we really allowed ourselves to do this, we would be healthier, clearer, lighter. And so would our connections.

Spend some time over the next few days feeling into these questions, and recognise what you could release, for others, and for yourself! And allow yourself to apply these to various areas, including: Family, Work, Friendships, Money, Food, Movement, Health (Mental & Physical), Partner, Energy, Time, Nature, Meditation, Study/Education, Creativity, Self-Care (and feel free to add more!)

Remember that what unfolds around you begins within. And when you heal the source of this (you), the world responds. Allow your healing and wholeness to ripple out to the world.



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