What will you relinquish to set yourself free?

We have entered March, but are not quite yet marching ahead (that comes towards the end of the month)!

Here, in the final sign of the zodiac, the last of winter, we enter the end.  And the endings are up to you.

I see this time of year as a period between, not quite a rebirth, but a dying of sorts.  Death often evokes fear of loss, a degree of grief, as we release what is known.  But these periods of death invite powerful liberation, an opportunity to shed the old, to become more free.  We often strive for the new beginning, a new way to feel or live, but until we allow the old to die away, we are unable to fully embody the light and lightness or the dawn.

Allow yourself to take some time to immerse yourself in the waters that will wash away what no longer thrives.  Swim deep into yourself, into your dreams, your intuition, the aspects of you that fully understand your capacity to relinquish what has held you.  This requires courage, a willingness to be honest with yourself, and to surrender anything that has felt fixed within.  Enter into baptism, wade into the water with a full understanding of the ways you have limited yourself, so that when you emerge again, you are reborn, new, ready to fly!


Points to Ponder:

Which aspects of identity or personality am I willing to surrender now, so that I can evolve more freely?

How am I willing to change my schedule, the ways I spend my time, so that I can be more in flow with my future?

Where am I willing to go (internally or externally) that will ignite my passion, inspiration, sense of play and creation?

What will I set aside, enabling me to live as a higher potential, a higher being?

 The energies over the coming weeks invite you to surrender all that is not eternal, nourishing, magnificent, so that you can experience what is.


Pisces: Neptune, Water, Mutable

We approach a New Moon in Pisces, an opportunity to deepen the connection with intuition and imagination, a powerful time to manifest what you as a Soul desires.

Join me in ceremony on Friday, 12 March and invite more flow into your world!


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