Is the story of your past Serving You?

Eclipses: Following Your Fate

The day before...

In less than 24 hours, the Full Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio begins.  And because you still have some time to prepare, I wanted to send a bit of information and some areas to address, enabling you to take full advantage of the power and potency in this moment of your life.

The Nodes are connect with our fate, destiny, our greatest threads and themes in this lifetime.  And this eclipse connects with the South Node, which highlights where we have come from, so that we can free ourselves from the old story and karmic cycles, and begin to create anew.


Over the next few days, spend some time meditating on the 'darker' sides of Scorpio, the aspects you've been afraid to acknowledge, the parts you've hidden away.  Scorpio deals with death, the taboo, sex, drugs, & rock and roll, our old shame and the ways we have been 'wrong'.  These aspects are deeply held and require courage to face.

If you can engage your courage and see the truth of these aspects you've worked so hard to hide, you'll begin to see how these moments or characteristics have played a part in your bigger picture.  They will have shaped you in powerful ways.  

But you can now release the baggage, so that you no longer feel burdened by them.  And you can shape your life with the gifts, but without the suffering.

The scorpion tail indicates where we sting ourselves (and often others) because we feel a need to punish ourselves.  But the pain associated with shameful acts has already done that, and we no longer need to punish ourselves to learn to be and do 'better'.


Take some time today to identify:

  • What am I still punishing myself for, that I have in reality already learned from?
  • Which choices or actions have I judged as making me a 'bad person', instead of simply recognising that they were mistakes that I never need to repeat again?
  • What could change in my life if I stopped punishing and judging myself, and allowed a new story to emerge?
  • What can I forgive that would enable me to see a new past and a new future?


Remember that you are here for reasons that deep down, you already know.  Your past is important, but only a phase of the story.  You get to choose the way it unfolds as the author of your life.

-Jennifer <3

*Join me tonight in ceremony and choose your next phase!  I would be honoured to witness what unfolds within.


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