Can your Vulnerability strengthen you?

(i.e. Is your stubbornness stopping your evolution?)

There is a part of me that can appreciate a little rebellion.  There are times when shaking up the ‘status quo’ is good for the world.  But I can also see how we can become stubborn or fixed when we feel that our rights or desires are being pushed or threatened.
Where does fixation become so fixed that we lose sight of our true desire?

The issue of ‘standing up for myself’ has come up pretty regularly with clients over the past few weeks.  When we delve into why it needs to be done, there is always a fear of being threatened, manipulated, or of something being taken away.

But you cannot be ‘manipulated’ without permitting.
Nothing can be taken from you without your allowing.
And you can never be threatened if you are not afraid.

We resist what we are afraid of, of what we do not understand.  And if you do not understand how to say no, set a boundary, change the dynamics, fear will motivate you to avoid or fight back.

What if you really understood your STRENGTH?
What if you knew how POWERFUL you really are?
What if you could see and apply your capacity for harmonious CREATION every day?

You would not be afraid.

Instead of creating barriers against what you fear, could you embody your strength, and create change?
Instead of trying to control the people who you disagree with, could you trust yourself to make decisions and take action that aligns?

We often attempt to learn and live the best ways we possibly can, but fall short, because we are still simply figuring it all out.  So we often try to develop strength through intimidation, aggression, or manipulation.  Or we try to learn to be honest, through angrily speaking out, preaching at others, or berating them for all they get wrong.

One of the greatest steps you can take (and possibly the one that challenges you the most) is to take a breath and soften, when you feel your body tensing, resisting.
When you feel the armor clicking into place, the spiteful words building in your throat, take a breath and soften.
As you soften your response, you shed your barriers and perceptions, and you are able to see the whole picture.  You enable yourself to see the higher truth.  You allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, and able to LEARN.  Which ultimately is what heals us…

What I witness repeatedly, is that those who are the best leaders, scholars, teachers, change-makers, are always the best students.  They have softened their perspectives, their reactions, to new information and experiences.  They know that there is always more to learn, new ways to grow, and they flow with the experience.  There is a willingness to listen, rethink, and learn, which makes them strong.

Your anger and conflict weakens you, but your willingness to open to truth allows you to embody your power on every level.
Your vulnerability is your SUPERPOWER!

Take some time today to soften, to play with your perspectives, to release attitudes or beliefs of what is ‘right’.  And allow more TRUTH in.

-Jennifer <3

Download: Would you like to understand Vulnerability, from the highest perspective,
to understand your strength and power, and apply them, with grace,
to resolve the fighting and conflict in your daily life,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of embodying the best of yourself, in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to be open to evolution, on every level?
Say yes and receive! <3


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