How can your healing expand your impact upon the world?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you were able to navigate watery Cancer season with lots of Grace! We are now in Fiery Leo Season, in higher visibility, shining brighter, living from heart and soul. I am already feeling the shifts and enjoying the energetic sunshine!

Today, I feel inspired to write about what gets in the way of being greater leaders, teachers, healers, and guides.  The short answer: Our deepest , oldest wounds.  

It is often our oldest wounds, the ones that feel most difficult to resolve, that can be the key to our greatest liberation, but also in sharing our greatest gifts.

We deeply desire to be of service, and to have an impact, especially when times are tough and the world desperately needs us. But if we are still cycling through old patterns and ways of seeing the world, we limit and diminish what we can offer.

If we are burnt out, we have little to share.

If we are in pain, we shy away from witnessing the pain in others.

If we are angry, hurt, grieving, we lack the energy to reach out and offer what would be useful.


And often, even when we do reach out, it can be motivated by suffering, feeling that we are unworthy, pushing from a place of pain or fear. And this pain clouds our perception and can motivate us to act from unhealthy dynamics and collective archetypes.

We may show up as the wounded healer or the martyr, instead of the peaceful warrior.

We may show up as the shadow of the mother/father, instead of the aligned Elder.

We may try to be the Hero, but react as the Villain/Persecutor.


So I would encourage you today to recognise where you are desperately trying to show up and serve, but fall short because you are still suffering.

We have an opportunity to embody Satyagraha or 'Soul Force'. The concept of Satyagraha is built on three basic tenets — satya, ahimsa and tapasya. Satya, or truth, implies openness, honesty and fairness. Ahimsa means refusal to inflict injury on others. Tapasya conveys willingness for self-sacrifice (or true service) and patience. And we can begin to really embody these now, through our own healing and deeper awareness.


In light of this, I have created a new offering, which feels soul-inspired and so very needed right now. The idea is to help the healers, practitioners, teachers, leaders who are wholly inspired to be of service, without the trauma or 'ego shadow' creating difficulties along the way.

In our astrology charts, much of this shows up with Chiron, The Wounded Healer. I've spoken about him before during our Moon Ceremonies, but essentially, he represents our deepest wounds, the ones that often take the most time and understanding to completely heal. These wounds are often the ones that shape our outlook and identity, and often in unhealthy ways.

But, there is good news! For those who serve, the wounding that you heal can help you to lead others to their own resolution, with deep empathy and understanding. It can be a super power, once you have really taken the steps to heal yourself.

So I want to help you to resolve your deepest wounds, so that you can be of better service to the planet

Going through this program with me will help you gain clarity on who you want to work with (possibly your niche or ideal client), to express what you do with more clarity, and it will help to clear the subconscious filters and fears that make your work harder.

We are going to hold this program during Virgo Season, because she is the High Priestess, the one that brings Heaven to Earth. And I know you want to do this too! It will include weekly group calls (please join live if you can, recording will be sent after), and we are going to go deep into the content, and heal this stuff in real time.

  • To begin, I will send you a recording, explaining where Chiron lies in your birth chart, and what that means for you specifically.  You'll be able to refer back to this at any point in the future, to help guide you.  I'll also include your Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Rising, and North Node, which shape much of our path/destiny in this lifetime
  • We will gain more clarity on your work as a healer/leader, on what has worked in the past, and what will help you to more deeply align with the work you are meant to be doing!
  • There will be an option to add a 1:1 session with me if you would like a little more clarity, or you can  choose to stick with the amazing group that will be joining us next month!


In short, this is for you if you fit one of 2 options:

1. You already work within a role where you heal/lead/teach, and you would like to increase skill and awareness with what you already do (and get out of your own way, making you more effective)!

2. You would like to be a better leader/teacher/guide in all that you do as a human being, without the old wounds motivating unhealthy reactions and choices.

More information can be found HERE, so that you can see whether this offering resonates for you!



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