How do we Relinquish that which we cling to tightest?

My dreams over the past week or so have been strange- seemingly darker, unfamiliar, seen through strange lenses, all fitting well into the themes and views of Scorpio Season. These, along with countless other interactions, conversations, challenges, continue to bring me back to the question: How can we relinquish that which we cling to?

We approach the holiday season, where people celebrate some beautiful traditions, and some strive for an illusion. We can become fixed in how we believe a day, a conversation, an action should unfold, and then inevitably feel disappointment or defeated when it does not. Because in truth, it never could. The story in our minds was never real to begin with.

We cling to a brighter version of history, omitting the obstacles and conflict, and then wonder why we can never recreate it. But it never really happened that way before.

We cling to the unreal, un-lived, disembodied versions of what we feel we are supposed to experience, instead of...

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