Laying Foundations for Flow

Navigate the Initiation Process with Grace & Flow

Bridging Human & Divine...

Much of our effort and energies are invested in working through small issues, doing lots for little.  But as you expand, you can begin to see how everything in your life connects.  Your physical health is the same as your emotional.  Your finances reflect your mind.  Your relationships show you the ways in which you thrive and the areas in which you suffer.

So instead of working through the symptoms and by-products, why not harness the power of the bigger picture, and bring the future healing and solutions into your present moment?

By purposefully stepping into the Initiatory Process, you allow yourself and your life to change more quickly and much more gracefully than the times you resisted or refused the change being offered (and the change you have been asking for!)  Allow yourself to receive and realise all that you have been delaying and denying.  Feel the energy building, and welcome it, within and around you!

What is Initiation?

Your life IS an initiatory process, filled with periods of great change and growth.  You are not a static being, you never stay the same, because the energy we come from, consciousness, is never static, never fixed.

We have our own rhythms of life, which continually facilitate endings and beginnings.  Our bodies heal, our minds change, our work and relationships ebb and flow, as we witness our inner world change, and the impact unfolds into the world around us.


Breathe in... breathe out...

Witness the journey of the air through your body.

Close your eyes... tune into yourself...

Witness your awareness opening, blooming, vibrant and colourful.


Everything about you, around you, within you, is in process, on its way towards becoming...

What will you choose to become?

Can you open to Awakening?

Join Jennifer for a day of deep immersion, into the awakening powers of your own consciousness.

You are invited to enter, to dive deep within yourself, your heart, spirit, soul.  An ocean of consciousness moves through you, and you can awaken to the wonder and the WHY that inspires creation.

All that is required is a desire to become the witness for yourself, and the ways that life dances within, the ways that the universe expresses itself through you.

We will spend our time together in meditation, contemplation, asking the BIG questions, the ones that really matter...

Who am I?  Why am I here?

By the end of the day, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, of your purpose, and the path that has been informing, providing answers, synchronicities, and opportunities to explore the greatest adventure of all... YOU.

Consciously Create your Life as a Living Ceremony 

You can wait for years for a mystical experience, or you can engineer your life, creating space and setting for the Divine.  Consciously choosing the ways in which you invest your energy and focus will open doorways inside of you, inviting your highest aspects and wisdom into your living world.

Step into the Stream of Flow

Once you build the foundations for Flow, your life is able to shift into synchronicity, altering your state for the mysterious and mystical.  This is when you truly understand that, while you are living a finite human existence, you are in fact, timeless and eternal, and able to create a paradigm that invites both into a unified experience.

What to expect on the day...

  • Meditation and deep healing throughout our time together
  • Deeper understanding of Flow States, Altered States, the Non-ordinary, & Peak Performance
  • Simple techniques to prime your mind, body, and energy, so that you are able to slip into Flow more gracefully, on purpose, with Purpose
  • A deeper understanding, and 'harnessing' of the power of the time and timelessness, and how to masterfully work within each vibration and experience
  • Become more familiar with your Future Self, to gain clarity of the path before you, and bring future knowledge and wisdom into the Present
  • Opening and sharpening of your Intuitive Senses, enabling you to use your innate gifts to support and guide your journey
  • Connect in new ways with your Purpose or Calling, inviting your Divine understanding into the choices you make each day
  • More deeply understand the power of Initiation in your life, how it manifests, the ways to recognise and witness it unfold
  • Gain an new awareness of the Initiatory Process, so that you can invite and initiate change at will, in your daily life

The Details...


Jennifer will offer this event again in the future, details will be added here once confirmed!


Preparation for the Event:

  • Set intentions for the day of what you'd like to resolve, and what you would love to welcome in.  Become the Creator of your world!
  • Build an altar to help you focus your intention and energy!  This can contain crystals, a lit candle, cards, pictures, elements from nature, or anything that feels meaningful to you.
  • Allow yourself to be fully present during the event!  Give yourself the space and time to participate, distraction-free, and honour yourself and your journey through this dedication.
  • You may choose to watch the recordings for any/all of the first three online Initiation Events, (I: Rebirth, II: Heaven, III: Gifts) which will help to prepare you for the healing and wisdom of the live event in September

Praise from Past Initiation Events...

“Wow, what a day, Jennifer, some how thank you doesn’t feel enough, but they are the only words I have at the moment for your help in removing my blocks and making the huge shift that occurred possible. Feeling rather blessed to have connected with and shared this part of the journey with such a warm and open group of people, kindred spirits for sure! Feeling inspired and motivated!”

"Thank you SO much Jennifer. That was quite simply amazing. So so powerful. Massive shifts. Feeling so good for it. Lovely energy and lovely beings there. Awesome!"

"What a powerful healing we received Jennifer. This evening blew my mind. Perfect timing as I set off on a new adventure! Feeling integrated, aligned and empowered. Thank you so much! Lovely to connect with beautiful friendly faces too."