Personal Initiation Ceremony with Jennifer

An opportunity for you join with the energy of Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, and to align your physical reality with the Dharma of the Soul.

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Chat through the details with Jennifer to discuss timing and focus for your own Initiation!

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We will connect with Soul & Source, bringing you into alignment and flow with your true purpose


Your guides, old and new, are ready and willing, and we will take the time to listen and learn


Sometimes we can lose the rhythm, feeling offbeat and off track, and so we will reconnect with the pulse of your life


Cast off the ties to the past, release obligation and burden, and gain closure, so that you can choose freely

Reasons to book a personalĀ Initiation Ceremony

*Your birthday/Solar Return: Begin your new year in the way that you choose- with a boost in momentum, with more grace, peacefully, with more love, or in any way that you truly value. (I am happy to help you calculate the exact date/time of your Solar Return)

*Click back into your rhythm: We live with natural cycles, rhythms, endings and beginnings running throughout our lives.Ā  Bringing them into alignment, having them click into place together can reduce the roughness of life, and invite more flow.

*Launches in life: Many of us are launching new books, new programs, a move, a marriage, a new beginning which requires some clarity and momentum, a bit of guidance, and and activation of courage to get it all going.

*Closure: We often fail to receive the closure we desire, in relationships, jobs, education, and the various endings we navigate.Ā  Closure can be liberating and enlightening, a way to release the weight of the past for a lighter step towards the future.

*Alignment & Flow: We can often swing between extremes, caught in old patterns or ways of functioning.Ā  Ceremony can help us to unite the extremes so that we can dance with the contradictions of life, and enjoy the melodies and harmonies that are present.

*Because you simply feel called to Initiation, to be witnessed, guided, and celebrated for all that you are.

We can work together to design a bespoke ceremony for you or a group, based on the current needs and desires.Ā  In the past, I have held ceremonies focused on: the Divine Feminine & Masculine, Integrating Ancestral Wisdom, Awakening Intuitive Abilities, the Service of Leadership, Rebirth, and bringing Heaven to Earth.Ā  More aboutĀ past ceremonies can be found HERE

What to expect...

...possibly the unexpected!  Each time I hold a ceremony, time in spent in preparation, focusing on intentions, and on inviting what will create the greatest impact in the most graceful way.  Sometimes initiates know what they are ready for and the ways it will unfold.  And sometimes there are pleasant and profound surprises in the ways the healing presents.  So we will plan together what you are wanting in terms of resolution, understanding, healing, but also be open to possibilities beyond conscious understanding.

Our time together will last roughly 3+ hours.  This will include time to speak beforehand, the full ceremony, and time at the end to ask questions, reflect, and integrate.

 I intuitively create playlists with music that speaks to spirit and soul.  The music will help to carry you through the healing, and guide your intuition in new ways.

The date and time of your ceremony will be agreed with Jennifer based on your individual circumstances.  Please get in touch to discuss availability.

There is also the option of adding Rapeh (sacred ceremonial tobacco) to your ceremony if you feel called to work with the medicine.  More information can be found HERE

Here are previous group Initiation Ceremonies I have facilitated in the past, which may help to inspire the focus or direction of your own ceremony with me

What I ask of you...

*Your date, time, and location of birth (or as much of this information as you have) at booking

*A commitment to create space in the days around the ceremony so that you can prepare, rest, receive, enabling the best possible results.

*Intentions set for process and outcome (which can be discussed and fine-tuned with Jennifer)

*A true desire to expand and evolve-this allows the process and results to be much more magical and fun!

*Three+ hours in a quiet, distraction-free, nurturing space. This can be in-person with me, or online via Zoom if you are not able to travel to Edinburgh

What you can expect from me...

*Time and space dedicated to understanding your birth chart, which informs and prepares me for your individual process and healing

*Time spent communing with guides and the divine, preparing myself to be a clear channel for you

*Healing, guidance, insight, a clearing of obstacles and obligation, and dedication towards holding a space that contains what will serve you deeply now.

*Clear information in the days leading up to the ceremony, to best help you prepare for the transformation.

Your Ceremony with Jennifer

(1:1 or with a Partner)

Investment: from £272

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Bespoke Initiation Ceremony for a small group

Jennifer also offers ceremonies for small groups, who are ready to step up together!  This may be a group of friends who love to witness each others transformation, or a group of co-workers who desire to be more in sync, on the same page.  This could be for a couple who would like to deepen connection and expression, or family members desiring resolution of karma or family patterns.

The ceremony for your group can be uniquely tailored to the collective, time and investment will be based on the numbers and what is needed.  

Here are some group ceremonies that Jennifer has facilitated in the past, which may inspire you!

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