Is your focus on I or WE?

Which Extreme is affecting your Alignment?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling centred and open as we reach the heart of the summer season!

Over the past few days, during my meditations, I have been shown over and over again the polarity of I => WE.

The Nodes of Destiny are now sitting in the Aries-Libra axis. Aries is our first introduction to ourselves as individuals, separate from our parents, fresh and new in the world. The purest idea of I AM. On the other side is Libra, which is totally relational, examining the dynamics between the self and the other, and what is co-created between the two.

The Sun and Moon today are opposing in a similar dynamic. The Sun in Leo brings us deep into the heart of you, representing the quality of the individual leader, standing in dignity, regal, and strong. The Moon is in Aquarius represents philanthropic and philosophical ideals, the well-being of community, the collective, and our part in a larger picture and story.

So I keep looking at these polarities, and ways we can move from the extremes of I/We, without losing clarity on who we are as individuals, AND within a larger sphere, with more layers and moving parts...

Just looking at one or the other side of a polarity feels easier, less overwhelming. We can clear out some noise and detail, we can dismiss elements of the past, and zoom in on a single aspect or issue. We can more easily predict behaviour in a void, or recognise a relational pattern in a single context.

But when we do this, we miss out on so much understanding, and we make life more 2-D, instead of multi-dimensional, which is what we are.


Take a moment to bring your focus into your body, mind, heart. Allow yourself to be singular for a moment, without all of the noise, outer movement, feeling pushed/pulled. Witness what you are without any 'outside' influence. There may be a feeling of temporary relief as you move towards stillness. But quickly, that stillness would turn to stagnancy.

Now zoom out, away from your body, and into the outer world. There is contrast, stimulation, opportunity, movement, sound, everything is there. But if you stay in the outer world too long, you can quickly lose yourself, your hopes and dreams, your sense of purpose or path. You could be pulled into anyone else's world, but forget the one you are building.

So the answer is to find the overlap, the space where both meet and play. If part of you is fighting the outer connection, you may pull within. If you are afraid of your inner world, you may try to escape out. So take some time to sit quietly, and feel into the middle realm where I/We meets, mingles, and begins to co-create. And spend some time meditating on the following:

  • What aspects, emotions, perspectives within myself make me want to run away or avoid my inner world? What could heal today to help me to feel at home within myself?
  • What about others, and the world around me, feels scary, threatening, challenging, unsafe? What could I understand that would help me to move beyond my barriers and interact with more grace?
  • Within my relationships, where do I tend to 'lose' myself, forget my own desires, conform to what does not align? What would help me to remember the I in the We?
  • Within myself, when do I forget that there is outer support, care, collaboration, expression that is worth my time and effort? What would remind me to look up and out, towards what the world has to offer

Remember that we are navigating polarities all of the time, and anytime we stray too far into an extreme, we miss out on opportunities to learn, grow, and experience the full spectrum of Life! Take some time this week to recognise where you have become fixed in an extreme belief, feeling, habit, behaviour, pattern, and ask yourself what would help you to soften, adjust, and move into deeper alignment.


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