Is your focus on I or WE?

Which Extreme is affecting your Alignment?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling centred and open as we reach the heart of the summer season!

Over the past few days, during my meditations, I have been shown over and over again the polarity of I => WE.

The Nodes of Destiny are now sitting in the Aries-Libra axis. Aries is our first introduction to ourselves as individuals, separate from our parents, fresh and new in the world. The purest idea of I AM. On the other side is Libra, which is totally relational, examining the dynamics between the self and the other, and what is co-created between the two.

The Sun and Moon today are opposing in a similar dynamic. The Sun in Leo brings us deep into the heart of you, representing the quality of the individual leader, standing in dignity, regal, and strong. The Moon is in Aquarius represents philanthropic and philosophical ideals, the well-being of community, the collective, and our part in a larger picture and story.


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