Are you fighting the world, or working with what is Present?

Over the past few months, I've been watching shows and movies focusing on racing. I have been fascinated by the strength, speed, and responsiveness of the drivers, mechanics, and teams involved, working together like a complex dance, a complicated piece of music - the drivers exhibiting mastery of their senses, intuition, ability to read the road and conditions, the cars around them, the elements present.

In 2020, I was in Cambodia, marveling at the weaving of cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and motor bikes carrying multiple people with all of their bags and cargo. The roads were full, seemingly chaotic, but somehow, everyone was aware of what was happening all around, working with what was present, instead of fighting each other as they moved.

All of these scenarios present a picture of chaos, controlled chaos at best, but when you feel into the energy, there is pure flow at play.

I know that a lot of us have felt that we are floundering with the perceived chaos around and within us. It can feel overwhelming and scary, evoking insecurity and fear within the deepest parts of us.

But what if this isn't an insane juggling act? What if we aren't experiencing a tidal wave of overwhelm, but we are riding the waves of all that is being offered at this particular point in time?

Previously, when I thought about alchemy, I thought of it as controlling the elements, and trying to bend them to what I wanted or needed. Now I see it as an opportunity to work with what is simply present in the moment.

When we look at Astrology, we are looking at the various combinations and influences that the celestial bodies are including into the mix. Not to be controlled by them, but to work with them. And there is a time and place for everything. It requires courage and trust to witness what is before us, and know that there is a rhyme and reason to it all. And that nothing is missing in that moment. 

If we allow ourselves to work with the alchemical mixture providing possibility, we can extract and use whatever ingredients are there.

Think of cooking whatever is already in your kitchen, or painting with the colours present. The mixture of those particular flavours or colours will give us a new experience to love, enjoy, be nourished by. Its like putting your playlist on shuffle and trusting that the melodies will carry you wherever is most meaningful.

So instead of forcing something that is not there, could you find the beauty, grace, or understanding that is showing up for you today, and use it in the wisest way?

I encourage you to spend some time this week meditating on the following:

  • What have I been searching for, aching for, that could be created or allowed by what is already before me?
  • If I stopped pushing, forcing, trying to make something happen, what could I simply allow to appear that could be even better?
  • If I tuned into the energy around me, what synchronicity and alignment could show itself?
  • If I played with the elements present, what inspiring music could be witnessed?

Remember that there is more at play than we are consciously aware of. And that if we can still the fear response within, we have the ability to witness the miracles that are present, ready to emerge. What have you been fighting against, that is ready to unfold, granting grace, abundance, love?


P.S. We will be addressing some of this tonight in our online event, to align with the deeper Yes within you. You can join us HERE


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