Are you avoiding endings, or celebrating what is to come?

The Closing of Eclipse Season: Practicing Resurrection

Hello alchemists and travelers! I hope that you have been navigating this eclipse season with grace and gratitude.

The past few weeks have been powerful, and if you have been doing 'the work' along the way, the healing and insights gained will have a profound effect on your world.  Remember, the past 6 weeks have helped us to focus on what we value in our surroundings and daily experiences, as well as the deeper truths that motivate our choices and direction.  These effect our 'real world' choices, in a grounded and tangible way, so avoidance isn't really an option!  (Nor should we wish for it!)

One of the big themes of Scorpio (the eclipse last week) is Death and Endings, which understandably can stir up some tension and fear for those who hold suffering in connection with these.  But I would like to propose a new way of looking at these as we move towards a New Moon in Gemini (which helps us to...

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Are you Dedicated or Obligated?

Hello Navigators, I trust that you are moving through this eclipse portal with grace!

Right now, we are between the Full and New Moons, moving from shedding to creating.  Continue releasing-the more you do, the easier the next steps become.  Allow yourself to become weightless, burdenless, and even rudderless... Find the point of floating in serene silence, and then you will be ready for the next thought, step, act of creation.


We have moved from a mutable Sagittarius Full Moon and are heading towards a mutable Gemini New Moon.  The energy around is flowing, changing, mutating elements of our lives, bodies, and minds.  If we allow ourselves to get caught up in trying to control, we stop the magic before it can fully be realised.

Slow down, become still, allow yourself to deepen your breath, focus, attention, introspection. See if you can ask questions without jumping to a conclusion or fixed state of with the possibility and enjoy...

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