Are you steady, or getting swept away?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of the Autumn Season! We are playing within the relational energy of Libra Season, where we learn about ourselves through our interactions with others.

We are social beings, meant to connect, commune, and interact with those around us. We can cultivate our Tribe, choose our friends, pick our partners, and shape our interactions. But the bottom line is this- we are built to be with others, and suffer when we are not.

When things are healthy, we thrive within our relationships, we become more vibrant, energised, and inspired. We know how to address differences of opinion with maturity and respect, allowing each other to grow in our own ways. But when things go sideways, the unhealthy reaction can be either to lash out, or run away, to hide from each other, to shut down inside. But this is how we miss out on our greatest opportunities for learning, growth, and awakening.

A few weeks ago, I heard a quote from the great Elvis Presley. He stated, "When things go wrong, don't go with them."

This simple statement opened so much awareness, in so many areas of my life. And it inspired me to consider the ways in which we allow ourselves to get swept up in the drama, destruction, and conflict, instead of standing firmly within our wisdom, inner peace, and integrity.

We can all look back at times when we got caught up in our 'lesser selves', the unhealed aspects of us that are hurt or afraid. When we allow these parts of us to decide, we make terrible choices. We perpetuate the cyclical hurt that has come before. We become abusive towards others and ourselves. We lash out, blame, shame, point fingers, and regress to our childhood selves, where we lacked wisdom and poise to choose differently.

In these moments, there is a choice point, a pause where we decide...

We decide whether to hate or help. We decide whether to love or loathe. We decide whether to amplify the problem, or offer a solution. We decide whether to be the presence of peace, or the storm that wrecks what we have worked so hard to build.

Things will always go 'wrong' in life, we are here to learn to navigate it. But when it goes wrong, you have a moment to breathe, and to choose whether you will go with it, or respond in another way.

Eclipse Season begins with the Full Moon on Friday, and our first eclipse on the 14th is a Total Solar Eclipse in Libra. We will have the opportunity to address our relationships, to heal what is not working, and also to amplify what is beautiful and nourishing! A few things worth meditating on over the coming 6 weeks:

  • Where am I slipping into old patterns of hurt, pain, abuse? If I could respond in a higher, more mature way, what could change?
  • What needs to heal within me, so that I can see others and our relationships for what they truly are? What am I projecting that is creating confusion?
  • When do I feel most aligned and centered within myself? How can I bring this feeling and awareness into all that I do?
  • When I start to slip into the unhealed aspects of me, what would help to wake me up, so that I can choose from a place of maturity and wisdom?


Remember that while there may be things that happen in this world beyond your control, you always have the ability to change the ways you feel, and the ways you respond. Your relationships and connections thrive or crumble based on your filters and projections, and whether you are willing to challenge them, and allow them to evolve. As this transforms within you, so will the dynamics at play. Allow your relationships to grow you, in the kindest, healthiest, most loving of ways!


P.S. There are a number of events listed below (Eclipse Events, Free Intro & Clearing Call), to support you through these transits with more grace and love. Please join us as/when you feel called! (These are all included in the Autumn Membership, and the door to join will stay open just until the weekend!)


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