Could Reframing your Story Lead to your Greatest Awakening?

When you consider a REFRAME, what comes to mind? As I have meditated on this over the past few weeks, a few ideas have become clear...

We are natural storytellers. We build our identities, plans, and perspectives upon stories that we have lived or heard. But because stories are created through the filters of perspective, they are not always honest recounts of what truly happened, or inclusive of the entire story. We often share from one side, one perspective, which is in truth, only a partial account.

So when looking to gain the full picture, there are a few ways to reframe, to make it more inclusive, to witness more detail, and gain clarity.

The first option with a reframe, would be to focus on the aspect of Time. There will have been periods when a difficult patch in a relationship or job seemed justifiable, believing that it was a temporary issue. But when that issue extends into months or years, the story has to change. Adding time to the equation can shift the perspective, so that we are better able to gauge whether the situation is healthy and evolving, or simply stagnating and limited. (A few examples of time limits to ensure that awareness guides- Setting a time limit on a new job or new city, to determine whether it is a good fit, or simply a next step. Or recognising that feeling so unhealthy because of food, alcohol, lack of movement is not the quality of life desired, and setting a boundary for past behaviour, and making new choices for the future.)

Introducing boundaries with time can help to gain clarity on what resonates now, and what you can choose to end. Instead of feeling caught in the story, you step outside of it, to recognise how time can alter your perspective to serve you.

The second way of reframing requires Courage and Acceptance. For most of us, this would involve sitting with a story (usually linked with identity, or one that has greatly shaped outlook or perspective), and taking a closer look at the details. Not just a quick glance over what we vaguely remember, but a deconstruction of all of the moving parts. We have to move into the story, to witness it from within the heart of it, so that we can bear witness, not just for ourselves, but for others involved.

We cannot hold an incomplete story once we begin to examine the other elements, with the desire to have a higher perspective. And we cannot then keep the story as it was, because it then evolves into something more than a trauma or area of arrested development. It then becomes a tool for awakening.

And this has been one of my biggest realisations lately- that we are absolutely here to learn, gain wisdom and knowledge, and to evolve from what we learn. But in a deeper sense, everything that we could possibly learn from, is really a tool for awakening.

On a deep level, you already know who you are, and why you are here in this lifetime. You just need something to help you remember.

You already know the path to take for your soul alignment, you simply require experiences to wake you up a little more.

You are already an alchemist, a creator, you simply need to release the conditioning that limits you, so that you can apply these gifts in all you do.

I would encourage you to take some time over the coming days and weeks and ask yourself which stories could be reframed, so that you have a higher perspective, and a more grounded understanding of the roles of those moments and people in your Great Awakening.

Spend some time today in stillness and ask yourself a few questions:

  •  How has my greatest pain served to ignite my greatest gifts? Am I more compassionate, caring, empathic, aware?
  • How have I kept blinders in place around the past, that has fed the pain, instead of allowing myself to understand the point of it all?
  • How could reframing the stories of the past free up my identity, allowing me to align with my Higher Self?
  • What would it be like to be fully Awake, in this moment?


Remember to remember. Allow yourself to remember the missing details, the subtle elements. And then recognise the ways in which existence conspires to awaken your intuition, insight, and gifts in so many ways!

I have listed upcoming events below, and invite you to join me where it feels aligned and expansive. Let's awaken and remember together, through healing, connection, and fun!


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