Could Reframing your Story Lead to your Greatest Awakening?

When you consider a REFRAME, what comes to mind? As I have meditated on this over the past few weeks, a few ideas have become clear...

We are natural storytellers. We build our identities, plans, and perspectives upon stories that we have lived or heard. But because stories are created through the filters of perspective, they are not always honest recounts of what truly happened, or inclusive of the entire story. We often share from one side, one perspective, which is in truth, only a partial account.

So when looking to gain the full picture, there are a few ways to reframe, to make it more inclusive, to witness more detail, and gain clarity.

The first option with a reframe, would be to focus on the aspect of Time. There will have been periods when a difficult patch in a relationship or job seemed justifiable, believing that it was a temporary issue. But when that issue extends into months or years, the story has to change. Adding time to the...

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What is getting in your way?

What is getting in your way?
(And why are you allowing it to stop you?)

When I ask about barriers, distractions, blocks, or obstacles, I receive a variety of reasons and answers. Usually, they include negative belief systems, based off of what was learned at an early age (‘That’s all you’re getting’, ‘That won’t work’, ‘You don’t have the skills/knowledge/experience’, etc).
Or old emotion and trauma stops us, such as past failure, betrayal, disappointment, broken trust, broken hearts, broken hopes and dreams.
We often play small to fit in, to be accepted, to belong.
There is not ‘enough’ money, clients, love, choice, to accomplish our goals.

Is any of this resonating, or sounding familiar? What do you usually do in these situations? What is your way of removing barriers?

I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ here, and it is less complicated than you think:
Understand that the fears and limiting beliefs...

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