Do your choices follow your mind or heart?

Hello human beings!  I hope that your year has started with love, grace, and joy!

With aspects of the world unravelling and time unfolding in new and often unexpected ways, I am continually reminded that we chose an interesting time to exist in this world!  Congratulations for your courage, you are here to help shape a new future.


We are currently held by a lot of Capricorn energy, which wants to support high ideals and standards, integrity and strength.  We want to build cathedrals, inspiring works of art, what is holy and divine.  With Capricorn, we want to build beauty, for now and the future.  We dream bigger, bolder, but grounded in what will be of service, and have a lasting impact for good.

And with a full moon in watery Cancer, we connect more consciously with emotion and intuition, and it quickly becomes clear where our dreams match with our current state of being, and where they do not.


As human beings, we can have grand ideals and inspirations, but if we do not feel good getting there, we are much more likely to give up or give in...

On some level, we are always choosing what will make us feel better.  And if the act of building lacks integrity, if the dreams are really someone else's, we won't get far.

Which, in many ways is a blessing.  We can often try to power through something that logically makes sense, or that we feel will receive praise, recognition, or reward.  But those outcomes will not nourish us along the way.

We must match feeling with the process, to ensure that as we create, we can feel connected, more alive, more inspired, more nurtured and nourished.


This weekend is an ideal time to feel into your plans for this month, season, year, and ask yourself a few questions...

* What is my motivation for each choice I make?

* When I imagine working towards a goal, how do I feel?  

* What am I working to create that is not my dream or inspiration?

* What do I want to feel as I create my desires?


Remember that feeling creates the undercurrent for our choices.  If it does not feel aligned, you can quickly and easily erode any logical decisions or direction.  Make sure that your choices align with what feels beautiful, expansive, inspiring for you!

-Jennifer <3


**I'll be holding ceremony online on Sunday evening, join me then to move into your alignment for this season!


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