Do your feelings motivate you in the healthiest ways?

How do you build a healthy relationship, part 2

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the beginning of eclipse season with grace! This Aries eclipse is a personal one, that may be working through your energy field, helping you to address your perception of yourself, to remember who you came here to be. (You're welcome to join us online 19 April to heal and evolve with the Aries Eclipse)

Today's newsletter is the second of three, addressing the relationships we create with ourselves and the world around us. (Review last week's blog here)

And today, I want to address the ways you want to feel...

We know that the way we feel has a profound effect on the way we perceive life, and our quality of experience. When we feel hurt, pain, shame, fear, it motivates us to act. But as we know, we can choose words and actions that do not align with integrity or respect when we come from a place of hurt.

Our 'negative' feelings are so important, because they let...

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Do your choices follow your mind or heart?

Hello human beings!  I hope that your year has started with love, grace, and joy!

With aspects of the world unravelling and time unfolding in new and often unexpected ways, I am continually reminded that we chose an interesting time to exist in this world!  Congratulations for your courage, you are here to help shape a new future.


We are currently held by a lot of Capricorn energy, which wants to support high ideals and standards, integrity and strength.  We want to build cathedrals, inspiring works of art, what is holy and divine.  With Capricorn, we want to build beauty, for now and the future.  We dream bigger, bolder, but grounded in what will be of service, and have a lasting impact for good.

And with a full moon in watery Cancer, we connect more consciously with emotion and intuition, and it quickly becomes clear where our dreams match with our current state of being, and where they do not.


As human beings, we can have...

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Are you ready for the end of a Decade?

Hello beautiful beings!  I just wanted to check in today, as we near the end of a year, and the end of the decade!

Are you ready to truly live a life that is aligned with your Purpose?
Are you prepared to make different choices, that will contribute to living a life of alignment?
Are you willing to challenge your beliefs, your habits, your paradigm, so that you can create something better?

Most people I know would answer ‘YES’ to each of those questions, but then stumble or struggle with the application.  We often know which choices and actions would serve us, but fail to follow that wisdom.  We can see the path, but end up going in circles instead.
I find that understanding your inspiration can help you to find your path and follow it with focus!  We often need to remember the why in order to continue to choose.

To help you gain some clarity and some inspiration, here are a few points to ponder:

*How do you want to feel every day?...

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