How do you connect with your Humanity?

Hello fire walkers and water bearers!  The Sun is moving into Leo (courage, heart, nobility), and the moon will be full in Aquarius on Saturday (mystical, unpredictable, radical).  What an amazing combination of inner heart, and outer focus!

For many of us, wading through Cancer Season has been difficult in various ways.  Those of us doing big inner work have moved into the depths, learning to breathe under pressure.  We are now starting to see the rays of the sun, brightening the surf and surface, beckoning us into the warmth of Leo. (We'll focus more on this during the Leo New Moon, but allow yourself to step into summer now!)


As the moon moves into Aquarius, our hearts expand beyond ourselves and our tribe, to the wider collective.  We remember the humanity within us, and around us.  I will admit, my faith in humanity has wavered some over the past few years, but I am holding onto hope.  So I have been asking to see the helpers, to feel the support of the healers, to hear the song and heartbeat of humans around the world who have not lost heart.  And it helps me to return to my deeper understanding of why I am here now.

The world we inhabit is evolving (Pluto in Capricorn has done a great job of shaking it ALL up!), and anytime there is change, we are invited to innovate, to create.  

As water bearers ourselves (we are 70% water, remember!), we can choose to circulate the old, increasingly toxic water/emotion within, or we can expand ourselves to share with others.  Each of us has a job, we are all threads of the fabric of existence, and when we weave together, we heal each other.  Allow yourself to channel your emotion and energy in ways that are meaningful and impactful.  If they do not create an impact, they do not matter.  And in Aquarius, only what is real, true, and has the ability to ripple through the collective can survive.

You can start with yourself, addressing what is meaningful for your own body, mind, spirit, and then ask to witness what is of greatest service to the wider collective.


Points to Ponder:

 * How have I been playing small, that limits me and others in my community?

* How can I amplify the goodness and greatness within, so that life around me bears fruit?

* How can I allow myself to be in flow with my Dharma, instead of fighting it?

* How can my creativity support me in choosing the greatest change?


Allow yourself to move like air, and flow like water, with inspired creativity guiding your choices this weekend.  The world is ready for you, for us, to share and create!



*For those of you who would like some additional support with this, I will be holding ceremony online on Saturday with the Aquarius New Moon, and I would be honoured to witness what unfolds.


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