Are you creating a new paradigm, or reliving the old?

We are finally moving into the energy of spring, feeling more awake, more alive, and ready to create again!  I know that since the last New Moon, I have felt like a new person, with more energy, more focus, and back into the swing of life and creation.

As we move out of hibernation and into rebirth and new growth, we can feel that there are many options, perhaps a few crossroads as well.  We can often feel overwhelmed with choice.  But the beauty of choice is that is provides opportunities to create, to learn, and to evolve.

Spend some time this weekend meditating on your current trajectories.  Are they the same as before?

If they are, I would encourage you to expand your vision, and invite in new possibility.  This year is not meant to be lived as the previous.  The world is evolving and changing in so many ways, and so will we, if we honour the process, and welcome the wisdom.

I know that opportunities that I would have jumped at even a few months ago no longer have the same resonance.  I am saying no to anything that is 'right' in the logical sense, but feels hollow, or out of alignment inside.

What have you been planning that no longer excites you or ignites passion within?  Could you set it aside for an even better option?

I read somewhere recently, from a Cree Elder, that our minds are meant to be more fluid.  As we move towards the Virgo Full Moon, ruled by Mercury, our minds can become more fluid, we can release habitual thoughts and patterns, and allow our inner selves to evolve into what is more present, more aligned.  Just take a moment to imagine a fluid mind, one that can shift, change, upgrade, lighten, and clear.  Feel that shifting within you as you look at your life, you choices, and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom within you.  It is always there.


Virgo: Mercury, Earth, Mutable

We approach a Full Moon in Virgo, and are encouraged to return to innocence, play, open minds and hearts.  Allow yourself to be inspired by your own liberation!

Join me in ceremony on Saturday, 27 February and release the limitation within your heart and spirit


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