Are you planting from the Past, or for the Future?

At this time of year, I always feel a bit more enthusiasm and optimism. The summer sun is more potent, along with the promise of growth, visibility, and a witnessing of the benefits of dedicated effort over the previous months.

In this final week of Spring, I feel that we are called to consider the last aspects of planting and planning, to think about the year ahead, and ensure that we are planting seeds from the heart and soul, so that what we reap over the next few seasons is aligned with something more meaningful and joyful.

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing with the idea of Magnetism, and what it feels like to draw to us, not only what we desire, but also what we are.

I listened to Robert Holden speak a few years ago about not only recognising what we want to have, but also becoming it. If you want a great friend, be a great friend. If you want more love, become love.

So the seeds we are planting are not in the external world, but within ourselves. Seeds of grace, beauty, joy, peace, serenity do not just grow around us, but within us. And when those seeds begin to take root within, our thoughts, actions, choices all change to reflect the goodness we have planted and cultivated within.

We often unconsciously work so hard to try to control the world around us, the people in our lives, the conflict in the world, so much focus and energy is spent on what we are unable to force. But if we can consciously tend to our own inner gardens, we begin to respond differently, to choose better, to feel empowered in the aspects we can actually change.

It feels inspiring and expansive, understanding that if we change ourselves, we then have an impact on the quality of life we lead.

I encourage you to spend the next week, before the Summer Solstice, considering what new seeds you would like to plant within your own body, mind, spirit, and meditate on the following:

  • If I could add a feeling, gift, virtue, belief into myself that would make a difference, what would it be?
  • What is missing from my life that I could begin to introduce now?
  • What have I been afraid to allow that is ready to take root and grow?
  • What care could I give to my body, mind, heart, that would nourish what is already there, so that I can thrive?

Remember that whatever we focus on is what grows. Whatever we put our energy towards will become what we tend to. And if we can tend to and become more of what we are seeking, we become the source of our own happiness and fulfillment. What will you allow to blossom and bloom over the Summer months?


P.S. Please feel free to join us on Wednesday, to Dedicate Structure to Flow, to put into place what you may have been neglecting or lacking, so that you can align with all that is alive and fruitful within you


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