Does your quality of life match your deepest desires?

What is the quality of the life you lead? (Relationships post 3)

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more energized and inspired, awakening from the slumber of the Winter months!

This post is the third in a series of three (click Here and Here for the other two). Today we'll focus on a powerful driver for the relationships we create, and the life we lead. And it all revolves around our ability to gain clarity on the quality of life you want to live.

Understanding this ties in heavily with how you want to feel, and what you value, but once we gain clarity on quality, it helps us to lay the foundation for the way we live, and what we subsequently create.

For many many reasons, we can often settle in terms of quality. This shows up in buying choices based in lack, accepting items that do not last, and that we do not really love. You may see clothing in your wardrobe that just hangs there unused, because the items don't feel great when you wear them, recognising that they do not truly represent you.

It can also show up in spending time with people we may not resonate with, because we can't see an alternative, or don't want to be alone. You may find yourself bored in conversations that are not stimulating or interesting, or saying yes to activities that feel draining or take up your time and energy.

Or we may waste time doing things simply because they're easier, but not interesting or fulfilling. You may find yourself scrolling through netflix lists, running the same boring errands, filling your time with mindless activities, instead of something that will ignite imagination, curiousity, or joy.

So if you can gain some clarity on the quality of life you want to lead, you are less likely to engage in the boring or mindless, and begin to choose the more expansive option.

Obviously, there are times to run the errands, do the admin, and other tasks that may be less exciting. And keep in mind, that while money plays a big part of our lives, it does not have to dictate the quality of our experiences. If you decide that you want to have a more playful quality to your life, your errands and routines can be more fun, light, with more imagination and creativity included.

And then what you will find is that less becomes more. You may clear out your wardrobe, so that there is less to wear, but what remains will be of a higher quality, and you can begin to consume less, but it will feel more fulfilling, nurturing, and aligned.

Take some time over the coming days to consider:

  • What does quality mean to me? How do I determine the quality of an experience, conversation, relationship, outcome?
  • To allow myself to experiences a higher/different quality of life, what do I need to surrender, end, complete?
  • How can my spending habits evolve so that I consume less, but allow a higher quality?
  • Which friendships, work relationships, partnerships, collaborations are high quality, and resonate with me on the deepest levels?

(A few words to help you determine quality: Peaceful, Fulfilling, Joyful, Astonishing, Magnificent, Wonderful, Visionary, Expansive. Please feel free to add your own!)


Remember that the quality of our experiences come from the choices we make to engage and evolve. If we can identify and embody a higher quality of Value, Feeling, and desire, we can welcome and create a life we truly enjoy. And when you begin to match cause and effect, choice and outcome, you can determine the choices that are actually contributing to the quality of life you would love to live!

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

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