Do your feelings motivate you in the healthiest ways?

How do you build a healthy relationship, part 2

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are navigating the beginning of eclipse season with grace! This Aries eclipse is a personal one, that may be working through your energy field, helping you to address your perception of yourself, to remember who you came here to be. (You're welcome to join us online 19 April to heal and evolve with the Aries Eclipse)

Today's newsletter is the second of three, addressing the relationships we create with ourselves and the world around us. (Review last week's blog here)

And today, I want to address the ways you want to feel...

We know that the way we feel has a profound effect on the way we perceive life, and our quality of experience. When we feel hurt, pain, shame, fear, it motivates us to act. But as we know, we can choose words and actions that do not align with integrity or respect when we come from a place of hurt.

Our 'negative' feelings are so important, because they let us know when something is out of alignment, that we need to face and address. So we want to pay attention when they present. But instead of running from or avoiding the negative, we can get clear on the positive, so that we can begin to create an experience that does align.

The positive feelings and emotions that we each value the most can lead us towards health, happiness, fulfillment, and living in alignment with our deeper truths. And we all just want to feel better. Our choices come into play when we decide what action we will take to make it so. 

If you can combine your values with an awareness of how you want to feel, you are less likely to seek out a hack or quick fix, or something that might create momentary relief (eating junk, scrolling online, hiding away, etc). When you combine your values and feeling, a more powerful alchemy begins to work within.

Once you begin to choose within that power, you are less likely to settle, to allow yourself to disrespect yourself or others, or to allow unhealthy patterns to continue. And the more you choose what will contribute to your happiness, the easier it becomes, and you actually program yourself to take the happy, healthy option.

Some things to ponder over the coming days and weeks:

  • How do I want to feel on a regular basis? Happy, fulfilled, joyful, peaceful, loving/loved, caring/cared for?
  • What are my favourite moods, emotions, embodied experiences?
  • Where have I been seeking happiness, peace, love, but choosing actions which do not contribute?
  • What would I choose differently, that would truly evoke the feeling that I want to experience?

Remember that the way we want to feel motivates everything we choose. If our choices align with our most powerful emotions, we feel empowered to follow the healthiest, most aligned path.


P.S If you missed last night's Intro to Conscious Boundaries, you can watch that here. And I hope you're able to join us next week for a powerful Clearing Call and Aries Full Eclipse!


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