Which ingredients are you adding, and do they hold the quality you desire?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that Libra Season is supporting you in addressing your relationships, boundaries, and conscious choices!

I wanted to send some info today on STER. This is something that Jamie Wheal talks a lot about, and I regularly include elements of STER in my decision making and conscious choices.


S= Selflessness

T= Timelessness

E= Effortlessness

R= Richness


When we are able to release attachment to the self, when we lose our grasp on time (past or future), when the flow is effortless, and when the quality of the experience is rich, we know that we are surfing in the sweet spot of life.

Our minds often like to compartmentalize, and focus on one thing at a time. So we may feel that we should only focus on one area, one quality, a singular 'thing'. But I am going to suggest that you add a few more ingredients to the mix to help you fine tune. It may seem to complicates things, but in reality, it helps to filter out the 'lesser' options in life.

For example- you may find that you can 'lose yourself' for a few hours watching a mediocre show on Netflix. But I would bet that the Richness is lacking in that experience.

Or you may find that you are able to effortlessly lay on the couch and avoid social interactions or growth. And time would drag as you become more absorbed in the 'self'.

There is a special alchemy that occurs when you stack or combine multiple quality ingredients to create your life. You don't need to overdo it, but a foundation of clear quality checks will help you to grow in healthy ways.

I will be writing more about these over the next few weeks (they each deserve a bit of time and focus), but for now, I would encourage you to start to ask yourself how much of what you choose includes any or all of STER.

  • What do I choose to engage in that helps me focus less on myself, and more on expansive ideas/concepts/activities?
  • What helps me to enter into the Present moment where I feel more embodied, present, at home?
  • Which activities feel effortless (not boring), where I click into flow?
  • What in my life feels rich, involving a depth of feeling, a full-bodied experience?

Remember that when we gain clarity on what truly resonates, it becomes easier to create it, choose it, receive it. It is time to add quality to all that we choose.

-Jennifer <3

P.S. We have a whole day dedicated to Flow and STER, on 22 October in Edinburgh. You are really welcome to join us, it is going to be a pretty amazing day!


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