Living with Selflessness

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that the recent full moon in Aries has inspired you to clear the way, so that you can express your personal Dharma more clearly and effectively!

I wanted to continue our deep dive into STER, and more specifically today on the area of Selflessness.

A lot of the teaching within the healing/conscious community will state that we need to destroy the ego, or deny our humanity, in order to expand into unity. But I believe that these teachings are incomplete and outdated...

A feeling of selflessness is not a denial of the unique gifts you hold or the journey you take. It is simply your opportunity to release attachment to the surface identity, enabling you to remember your connection with All that Is.

When we become to focused on 'me', we trip over the conflicting roles and identities. We lost sight of the bigger picture. This is simply a call to heal and release the labels that are too small, too fixed, and incomplete.

As we shed those layers, we...

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