Living with Selflessness

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that the recent full moon in Aries has inspired you to clear the way, so that you can express your personal Dharma more clearly and effectively!

I wanted to continue our deep dive into STER, and more specifically today on the area of Selflessness.

A lot of the teaching within the healing/conscious community will state that we need to destroy the ego, or deny our humanity, in order to expand into unity. But I believe that these teachings are incomplete and outdated...

A feeling of selflessness is not a denial of the unique gifts you hold or the journey you take. It is simply your opportunity to release attachment to the surface identity, enabling you to remember your connection with All that Is.

When we become to focused on 'me', we trip over the conflicting roles and identities. We lost sight of the bigger picture. This is simply a call to heal and release the labels that are too small, too fixed, and incomplete.

As we shed those layers, we do not lose ourselves, we simply enter into an awareness that we matter in a bigger sense. 

Each of us has a part to play in weaving existence, to contribute to the world, and journey with humanity at this present time. Selflessness helps us to zoom out and remember what really matters within the journey.

The deep 'I AM' matters, because it transcends the habits, cravings, and beliefs that keep you transfixed on the less important. 'I AM' includes your awareness as a timeless, eternal Soul, and all that you are here to be and do in this lifetime.

So being in a state of the Selfless does not mean that you deny yourself, it means that you engage fully in the Truth of what you are.


Spend time today in contemplation, remembering the events and moments where you were less attached to the projection of identity, and more engaged in something that mattered on a larger scale.  Remember how you felt, what you were doing, what captured your attention, and brought you back to heart and Soul.


And spend some time in meditation, asking yourself the following:

  • Who am I beyond my roles and labels?
  • Which acts or activities bring me fully into the Present Moment, where I release what is less meaningful?
  • Who do I speak to that helps me to remember the deeper Truths of my journey?
  • What can I begin to do on a regular basis that will help me to return to Soul Awareness?



Remember that you are never disconnected from Soul and Dharma, because that is what you really are, and why you have chosen to reside here in this lifetime. These will direct you, consciously and unconsciously, and you can choose to make it your reality. Live as the 'I AM'.


P.S. We have a whole day dedicated to Flow and STER, on 22 October in Edinburgh. I would be honoured to witness what unfolds within you then


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