Do you rush to fill the space, or can you play in the liminal?

Hello beautiful beings, happy Leo New Moon! I don't know about you, but having the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo is feeling pretty great! This is encouraging an alignment of who we Are, how we Feel, and the way we Express these in our lives. And because Leo represents the Heart, authenticity, honesty, and dignity, we are energetically in a great space to begin. But begin with what?

Over the past month or so (through the change of nodes, Lions Gate Portal, and some pretty potent aspects), it feels as though there has been a significant shift on the collective level. And I think we're just at the beginning of this.

There is an unravelling, an unweaving that seems to be taking place. Issues that have been playing out over the years are finally finding resolution. The things I've been hoping will end are ending. The old heartaches are healing on the deepest levels. And with this, I can feel so much more spaciousness within and around us. There is room to think, assess, see and feel,...

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