How are you navigating the Liminal Space?

Hello Tribe! I hope that you are well on this sunny morning! I wanted to send a note of reassurance and encouragement, as we move through the magic of this eclipse season.

Periods of transition and change can often be the most unsettling of times. We can feel uncertain about the next step, afraid of the unknown, or worried that we'll make the wrong decision.

The reality is that these liminal spaces, the space between who we were and who we will become, are actually pretty magical. These are the areas where we are least set in how things are supposed to be, and in what your life has to become. There is enough spaciousness within ourselves, our minds, our lives, for bigger movement, more stretching, deeper growth.

So while we are not in our comfort zones (which is often where your subconscious mind prefers to be) the reward for taking the risk will always outweigh the fear.

Your best option at these time, is not to hesitate, but to take the next step. Often, when we feel lost or...

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What is getting in your way?

What is getting in your way?
(And why are you allowing it to stop you?)

When I ask about barriers, distractions, blocks, or obstacles, I receive a variety of reasons and answers. Usually, they include negative belief systems, based off of what was learned at an early age (‘That’s all you’re getting’, ‘That won’t work’, ‘You don’t have the skills/knowledge/experience’, etc).
Or old emotion and trauma stops us, such as past failure, betrayal, disappointment, broken trust, broken hearts, broken hopes and dreams.
We often play small to fit in, to be accepted, to belong.
There is not ‘enough’ money, clients, love, choice, to accomplish our goals.

Is any of this resonating, or sounding familiar? What do you usually do in these situations? What is your way of removing barriers?

I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ here, and it is less complicated than you think:
Understand that the fears and limiting beliefs...

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