Do you follow fear, or Understand who you Are?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are benefitting from the power of the recent eclipses this Scorpio Season!

My personal meditations and ceremonies over the past 5 weeks have been profound, because I designed them to be. I know that eclipses open portals, doorways, and possibilities. So I have allowed myself to sit within the vortex, so that I can become...

During my own meditation a few weeks ago, I was shown my Solar Plexus, the seat of ego, identity, confidence, self-worth. In the shadow of this energy centre, we follow our fears, telling us that we are less than, weak, wrong. Or we witness the truth of who we really are, beyond the labels, projections, and judgements, and step into alignment with our higher aspects and Dharma.

I was shown my Solar Plexus as a sun, which I have witnessed before. But then I expanded out, and saw that there was not only 1 star, but a galaxy of stars, spinning and moving in a spiral. The message I received was that I am not one...

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