How do you Create with Deeper Awareness?

The Gift of Ritual => Conscious Creation

One of my main focuses over the past decade has been around Conscious Creation, it feels like the key to everything. When I feel into the energy of a conscious choice, a realisation, or a moment when I lean into a new possibility, there are a few things at play.

1. I am Present. I let the distractions drop, my mind becomes calmer, everything slows down a little. Feel yourself move into the present moment now...

2. I am aware of Cause & Effect. I understand that what I choose now will create something else, which can build momentum if I continue to follow. Begin to see the threads of what you are living in this moment, based on what you chose in the past...

3. I remember what I have chosen in the past that has not worked, and what has. I have discernment to understand from a higher perspective, without regret or fear directing me, simple clarity of the greater laws of creation. Allow yourself to feel and witness those laws at work now, supporting your ability to choose and create. 

4. I choose what will create the present and future that I desire to exist within. I understand which choices contribute to health, happiness, fulfillment, and I choose them consistently. Allow yourself to feel the alignment, harmony, and peace of a conscious choice, and witness the clarity that arises.


One of the things that helps me to move into these states, on a more regular basis, is to become more consciously aware of my surroundings, environment, seasons, and cycles at play. As human beings, we are connected to the cycles of life and time. And if we can embrace the cycling of energy with these, we can consciously plan and create a more aligned and meaningful existence.

Each year, during Scorpio Season, I fit a lot into my schedule, both for my own healing/evolution, but also offerings for those I serve. It is a potent month for diving deep, for healing some of our oldest issues, and embracing intuition. And over the next few days, we may find that the connection between this world and others is more tangible, more real. I will be spending the next few days meditating with my ancestors, the courageous souls who have come before me, who sang, spoke, created, danced, and pioneered. There is a wealth of knowledge within our DNA, within our cells, which we can access. So I would encourage you to spend time over the next few days and weeks meditating on a few areas:

  • What were my ancestors greatest strengths?
  • What did they overcome or fight against that created suffering, and could use some healing and peace?
  • How can I amplify the virtues and greatness that is already present within me?
  • Which object, colour, symbol will help me to remember this connection, and return?

Remember that getting still (in body and mind) can be one of the greatest ways for life to move us. Create a ritual for yourself to commune with your ancestors, and witness what unfolds as a result. There is a wealth of wisdom within you, so use it!

-Jennifer <3

 **We will connect online on Tuesday, to commune with the Ancestors, you are very welcome to join us all then!


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