Distraction or Dharma - How do you know?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope you're having a wonderful start to our new calendar year! There is a lot of debate over when our new year should truly be held, as energetically, 1 January doesn't always naturally hold a feeling of clean slate or new beginnings. We have assigned that ourselves. So I am not going to tell you to set resolutions, or to create grand goals that you may not stick to. I'm going to ask you to go deeper.

At this time of year, we often seek goals or ideas outside of ourselves. We are inundated with tips and hacks, online and all around us. It isn't necessarily a bad thing- joining a gym now if you truly want to join could be perfect! But often these purchases and commitments are motivated by something that we do not truly feel within. And if we are unable to align with a goal, the chances of success drop rapidly over time.

So instead of looking at this week as week 1, look at it as week 12, or 24, or 40. We are in Capricorn season, which inspires us to rise up, to a higher persective, to understand the journey we are navigating in the longer term. And if we are able to see the bigger themes running through our lifetimes, we are better guided on what the next step could be, without being distracted by the noise of the 'new year'.

Take a moment to breathe deep, allow your mind to calm, and begin to look back through the past year, to what inspired you, even in smaller, more subtle ways, to move and create. Feel into the choices that opened the energy ahead of you so that you could see the next step. Remember what caught your attention, inspired you to learn or explore, and felt like a natural choice.

This is Soul speaking to you. That wisdom comes through your intuition, your nervous system, and into your body and energy field. And it never needs to shout, or require you to find motivation outside of yourself. It is simply a continuance of what you already deeply know, an intuitively guided step ahead.

Take some time this week to look back over the past few months or year, and recognise what you will simply continue with, without pushing or fighting to get there. And spend some time meditating on the following:

  • What noise and distraction could fall away? What am I considering that does not feel aligned, natural, purposeful?
  • Which resolutions have I set in the past that felt like a failure, but only because the 'why' wasn't deep enough? What would help me to go deeper, into inspiration?
  • If I see my life as a long journey, where I am continuing to take another simple step, could this relieve some pressure to perform, achieve, or follow someone else's dream?
  • If I was truly living my Dharma, my purpose, what could I strip away? And what could I choose instead?

Remember that motivation comes from outside of us, but inspiration lives within us. It is the Divine You speaking to and through you. Allow yourself to feel, see, and hear it through the noise. 

**Over the past Season, I have been developing our newest offering, Monthly Congregation, which will begin in Edinburgh in just a few weeks! It feels wholly aligned, and I cannot wait to welcome you! You can learn more here, please join us and bring a friend if you feel called! 

-Jennifer <3

P.S. Doors for our ReMembering Collective membership/program close early next week! You can join us for the Season or Year HERE


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