Change your Emotions, or allow them to Change You?

What impact do your emotions have upon you?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling more grounded and graceful as we move towards the Taurus New Moon early Wednesday morning BST. This energy is calling us back to our bodies, minds, emotions, and the humanness within...

Lately, so many of us have been working through facets of identity, opening to surrender, seeking clarity, just about anything and everything to understand the next step. Most of my recent clients also report feeling exhausted, fed up, frustrated, a spectrum of what we would label as 'negative' emotions and feelings.

So much of my own healing process, and the work I do with others has been around resolving old, outdated, conditioned 'stuff'. We've worked to understand the wisdom within them, to take the good from the experiences, and to embody the positive.

And at this point, I feel that my questions are changing, along with my goals. Instead of seeking relief, or another answer that would register on a mental or logical level, I am pondering something new - 

Instead of changing how I feel, how could emotion change me?


I have always known that there is meaningful reason for our emotions, that we are meant to experience the spectrum, and to make friends with them instead of fighting them. But I feel as though my understanding is deepening to encompass a greater wisdom -

We are meant to be changed by the emotions that we experience, and that they can change us for the better.


What if the hurt that you feel could help you soften your stubbornness?

What if the disappointment about the past is meant to open your eyes to a different future?

What if your anger is meant to help you release the layers and barriers to a new way of moving forward?

The question I am now asking: "How can this change me for the better?"


Instead of transmuting your emotions, what if they could work miracles upon you?


What if we decided to stop fighting how we feel, to lay down the weapons and shields, and allow them to change us in beautiful ways? It may be worth spending time over the next few days meditating on the following:

  • When I feel uncomfortable, or in pain, what could gracefully evolve within me to resolve it?
  • What is my lack of alignment trying to awaken within me? Do I need to figure it all out, or could I simply allow the change to happen?
  • What am I afraid of losing re my identity, personality, behaviour? And is it really worth clinging to?
  • Which feelings or emotions am I blaming others, or the outside world for? What could change within me that would resolve it all?
  • Could the emotions and feelings help me become: more mature, stronger, wiser, more graceful, resilient, more optimistic, more honest, more centered...


Remember that the tools and wisdom we seek is already within us. Sometimes we need to ask a different question, or allow the insight to show up in a different way. The more we can open up to vulnerability, possibility, and the unknown, the more likely it becomes that we move and evolve in new ways. And if the old way isn't working, only a new way can. What can you allow today that will change you for the better?

(Part 2 of this, on the relationship between emotion and feeling will be the focus of my next newsletter/blog. I'd love to hear your insights!)

-Jennifer <3

P.S. This week marks mid-Spring, and a New Moon, a beautiful time to reassess and redirect! You are invited to join me for a single session, or within the Quarterly Sessions package!


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