Are you revisiting old paths, or pursuing something new?

Shifting Gears

Hello alchemists and time travelers!  I hope that you are basking in the glow of the new moon, and planting seeds for an inspired future! I know that I am! ;)

This email simply serves to shed some light on my current journey and where things are headed, and of course, you are invited to come along...


The call to step back into Initiation is strong, and I am grateful that the world is shifting towards this too!  You may have noticed that I scheduled an online Initiation Ceremony for 10th of July, to Activate your Inherent Gifts.  The time feels right to discover/remember qualities within that are meant to serve our higher path.  

There will be another 1-2 Initiation Ceremonies over the next few months, of similar length (3+ hrs), each offering a doorway to a higher perspective and way of being.  These will likely be held in-person, though there will be an option to purchase the recording for those unable to travel at this time.


And in October/November, I will be holding a weekend long, in-person event here in Edinburgh, which will be an immersion in Initiation, a portal for change.  (I cannot WAIT for this!)

Details are being finalised at this time for these events, as well as a new container for those wanting to walk the path of the Initiated.  I wanted to begin to share these plans now, so that you can begin to feel into the energy, and prepare for what calls you. 

You can visit this page to learn more about what I have offered in the past, and get a sense of what can unfold in the future.

Remember that if we wait for when we are 'ready', we have waited too long. ;)


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