What happens when you lose touch with your Mission?

During the lockdowns, the disruption to social life, the massive changes we had to face, I was actually ok. Like many, I spent more time meditating, decorating my house, connecting with family and friends back home. I wanted to be out with friends, traveling, creating new experiences and memories, but I found that, for the most part, I could find other ways to explore (meditation, reading, writing, etc).

But what I did find truly difficult was the feeling that my work, my Purpose, had been derailed.

I'd spent years building momentum around my healing practice, crafting regular events for people in Scotland and around the world to join in. I'd put my heart and soul into structuring my time and energy so that everything was in flow. And life was pretty great!

Once that was disrupted, I still felt optimistic that I could just go back to the way things were, and that what had worked before would work again. 

It didn't.

The past few years have provided time and space for me to experiment, and begin to rebuild. While I have been inspired in many ways by the freedom and flexibility, I have also had to work through some resentment and frustration. Not only did it feel that all of the results of my dedication and hard work were gone, but I felt as though my understanding of purpose and direction had escaped my grasp. It left me feeling bereft, isolated, and lost.

At this point in time, I finally feel as though I am finding my way. Not back to where I was, but to the new thread of purpose.

Today, we will all be impacted by the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. And while there is a part of me that feels a little nervous (there is always change during big transits!), I am also starting to feel excited and inspired. Aries represents the Warrior, and so the choice we get to make right now is whether we want to seek conflict, revenge, another fight which will resolve nothing, or to seek Purpose.

The Peaceful Warrior understanding loyalty and dedication, how to devote oneself to a greater cause. He or she faces conflict with calm, open eyes and heart, the ability to find Truth within the noise. This warrior knows that there is a greater calling to find and follow, and how to engage enough courage to take the next step.

Today, we have the opportunity to remember the Peaceful Warrior within ourselves, and to leave behind the distractions, dramas, and all that keeps us small. We get to align with higher truth, to remember who we are, and why we are here.

So today, I encourage you to re-dedicate yourself to the purist, most benevolent aspects within, to remember your calling, and dig deep into your courage for the next steps ahead.


Worth meditating on over the coming weeks:

  • Before I accepted the conditioning and limiting beliefs, what was my energy like? What was my perspective?
  • What is worth my time and energy? What is worthy of me dedicating myself to learning, exploring, doing?
  • What is taking up too much of my time and energy? Which distractions can I step away from?
  • What battles am I fighting that aren't even real? What am I fighting within myself, that I could make peace with?

Remember that you are always able to return your focus to what really matters, to your work, your family, your own inner peace. And anything that pulls you off course is something that you can simply release, without a fight. Your next step is to open your eyes, mind, and heart, and follow what calls you towards your dharma, purpose, and fulfillment.


P.S. You are welcome to join us online this evening during the total eclipse, and/or watch the recording over the next few days!


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