Virgo New Moon: Are you planting seeds that you truly want to grow?

We are moving towards an amazing New Moon in Virgo. I wanted to break this down a bit so that you can take full advantage of the magic we're immersed in this week!

First, the New Moon...  I see it as tabula rasa, a clean slate.  Take a moment to feel into the energy of a clean slate, a new beginning.  Feel the calm, the quiet, a sense of peace.

The New Moon is dark, without light.  For some, this can feel unnerving, with an inability to see what is coming, what we are moving towards.  But in the darkness, the past is erased, there is no set path to follow, nothing to fulfill.  You are there in the quiet, within your heart, fully present.  And fully open to possibility.


In the few days surrounding the New Moon, we plant seeds for the coming weeks and beyond.  We are able to make decisions regarding the experiences we would like to have, the ways we want to feel, and the quality of life that we want to live.

Close your eyes, enter the darkness, and ask yourself the following:

How fertile is the soul in which I plant?  Have I been nourishing my body, my mind, my spirit?

Am I aware of the quality of relationships I want to have, the relationships I want to invest in, the type of interactions with others?

What do I want to build foundations for?  What would I like to begin, to dream up, to manifest, or allow?


Now let's add in the guiding boundaries of Virgo to help you decide.  Virgo understands clarity, spaciousness, boundaries, order, planning.  There is a purity to Virgo that strips back assumptions, judgement, misunderstanding, and unclear filters to your vision.  And in many ways, Virgo embodies innocence, freedom, lightness, and grace.

Because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the Communicator, it is a perfect time to look at what you want to express in your world.  This expression could be through speaking, writing, singing, but could also be through what we wear, what we purchase, the ways we invest our time and energy, what we surround ourselves with.  We express ourselves through our choices, so combining Virgo expression with the planting energy of the New Moon makes it a potent time to embody truth and authenticity.


Take a moment to connect with the energy of Virgo and ask yourself:

Is my life so cluttered that I am unable to move, to try something new, to think outside of the box, to flow?  What could I release (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) that would allow space for what I desire?

Where/when am I saying Yes, when I REALLY want to say No?

Am I pretending?  What are the masks, the roles, the conditioning that I am living/wearing?

What am I pretending not to know, when the truth already exists within?


Take some time over the next few days to invoke the energy of Virgo, and get really clear on what you would like to express in your life right now.  The energy will support meaningful change, so take advantage!  And get in touch to share what is growing in your life!

If you would like to go deeper to work with these energies, please join me for the online ceremony on Wednesday at 7pm (UK).  We will take time to heal, meditate, and create a space to more deeply understand these facets of life.  Please join us for 90 minutes of magic (and/or watch the recording at your convenience)!


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