Are you able to harness the ancestral wisdom within?

Happy January and Happy New Year!  I hope that your start to 2021 has been graceful and fun!

At this moment, both the Sun and the Moon are sitting in Capricorn (along with Venus and Pluto, there's a lot happening!).  Because there is so much happening in this earthy sign, I wanted to take a moment to share some insight, to support you over the next week or so.

As we move around the zodiac, we more towards experience and wisdom, which is exactly what Capricorn embodies.  Think of Capricorn as Grandmother/Grandfather energy, embodying the knowledge of experience and learning over vast periods of time, and the patience and compassion of one who has experienced or witnessed hardship.  There is patience and understanding in every choice that is made, a willingness to deepen.

Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign, meaning it is willing to be initiated to new ways of living and being, new insight and knowledge, with the capacity to evolve.  The symbol is the goat with the fish tail, which enables Capricorn to climb high with precision and skill, while also being able to navigate emotion and intuition with speed and grace.

And so even though this is a new year, we do not have to start at the beginning with our learning or creation.  Even if we are choosing to build in a new way, we can apply the wisdom from the past to direct us in creating structures, foundations, and growth that has integrity, that will sustain us.

Think of Capricorn as the wise elder who is planting trees that she will never see grow, but has the wisdom to understand that this will benefit all.  Or someone creating a foundation which starts small, but has the capacity to grow and spread around the world.  There is a compassionate wisdom to Capricorn that we can all connect with and embody, bringing our creation into alignment with compassion, integrity, helping us to be truly of Service to the world.


Take some time today to connect with the Earth, gaining clarity on what you want to build and why.

How can your life, choices, actions be of more Service to the world?

How can your creativity support the evolution of your life, and that of your family, friends, tribe?

How can you connect more deeply with your ancestors, allowing their wisdom to guide you with grace?


Meditate on the summit, the goals you wish to reach, the future you are creating, allowing yourself to understand the journey that will provide the outcome for you!


January: Janus, Saturn, Capricorn

As we immerse in the Grandmother/ Grandfather wisdom of Capricorn, we embody the energy of Janus, with the capacity to gain wisdom from the past, as we skillfully and confidently create the future.  As you move up the mountain, take a moment to gain higher, fresh perspective, a clear assessment of what you have built, and where you want to go.

Join me on 12 January to connect with the Capricorn New Moon and be initiated by the Wisdom within.


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