What is your Vibration Calling In?

I've kept the image below saved on my computer for the past few years, as a reminder to pay attention to what I attract. And as we approach International Women's Day (8 March), I feel called to consider the members of my Tribe, and the common resonance that brings us together.

I have always had eclectic taste, I don't tend to 'stay in my lane'. I was the little girl who wore dresses, but also played kickball with the boys. I can appreciate most genres of music and film, and find it difficult of have a favourite anything (a Top 5 is about the best I can do, and it will likely change within a week). The fluidity of taste, identity, influences has sometimes been a little confusing, with some difficulty in identifying what it is that I really resonate with... But I now understand that it has also been expansive, freeing, and nourishing in ways I can't fully articulate.

I spent some time this morning, meditating on the common themes and threads within my most influential and nourishing friendships. It was a little bit of a struggle to begin with, it was not easy to see many dominant patterns.

But as I spent time allowing my vision and mind to expand, I did find a few common traits, values, characteristics - my friends are deep thinkers and highly empathic, they are explorers who challenge barriers, and they are teachers and pioneers. In many ways, they are unconventional in their thinking, or the ways they live their lives. And they do not settle for a life of boredom, repeating patterns, unconscious cycles. 

So I wanted to take a moment to thank them for showing up and inviting me in to their worlds, I would not be who I am today without those influences. And my hope is that you will take the time to find the connections with those in your own life that are most important. There is a reason they are journeying with you in this lifetime. There is a reason that you can really see, hear, and honour each other.


Spend some time today in meditation, to consider the following:

  • What are the qualities I can see or feel in others that I most admire? Do I allow these same qualities to shine through me?
  • Which qualities can I appreciate in others, but might feel are lacking within myself? Can I cultivate that strength so that it is more present within me?
  • Do my friends/colleagues bring out the best in each other, and me? What could shift so that we do?
  • Is it time for my circle to expand, evolve, grow? What can I heal or express that would help my Tribe to find me?

Remember that we attract whatever resonates. And as we amplify the greatest qualities within us, that higher frequency strengthens and sings. And so then instead of seeking or searching, the connection with our Tribe becomes inevitable. What 'vibe' are you sending out right now?


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