What do you Worship?

We are nearing the end of eclipse season, a time to clear your mind and body, to recalibrate your course, with fresh eyes and intuition.  For many, the past 6 weeks have been changeable, a bit of a roller coaster, unsure of the coming days or even moments.  As this energy begins to settle, we can assess what has altered and what has remained. 

For those who have been more courageous, consciously editing their minds and lives, what remains will be strong, and have integrity.  These are the foundations to build upon, they will last.  If we have hesitated, or allowed ourselves to remain in wishful thinking, there may still be options present that lead to nowhere.


Over the past year or so, I've been contemplating what God is to me.  I know that we can have some conflicting beliefs and ideas about the divine, so I've started to question/ponder what is worthy of my worship, praise, devotion.  We all 'worship' different things in life.  For some, its beauty, money, comfort, and often this worship is unconscious, and can be based in issues around lack, fear, or feeling unworthy.  But when you get clear on what you wish to worship and live, your life begins to align.

And the next step is to build your cathedral, church, mosque, temple, house of worship.  We often try to build our lives on false ideas and paradigms, and wonder why they crumble.  But when you build a holy life, one worthy of the divine, our daily lives rise up to meet that vibration.

What is sacred to you?  What virtues do you value or admire, that you are willing to embody? What will you build that reflects your most divine desires?  How will you choose divine action?


Now is the time to connect with Soul, the divine and eternal You that remembers your purposes, your reasons for being here.  Take some time over the next few days to meditate with the true you, not the mind, memory, trauma, or projections.  Sink deeper within, beyond time, beyond identity, and allow yourself to remember your path from now on.  As you remember, the wishful thinking, the fantasy will dissipate, allowing clear guidance and manifestation to unfold. 


Additional Points to Ponder:

 *What have I been following that is more fantasy than truth?

*Which plans have integrity, and will provide a strong foundation for the future?

*If I was living with wisdom, what would I choose to live/do?

*How have I disempowered myself lately, that I can change now?


Allow yourself to remember the wisdom that you embody, and to build your divine life, an expression of devotion.



*For those of you who would like some support with this, I will be holding ceremony online on Thursday with the Capricorn Full Moon, and I would be honoured to witness what unfolds.


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