Do your Surroundings Reflect your Magnificence?

Welcome to Virgo Season!  We are invited to reconnect with the goddess, the maiden, the High Priestess, and discover new ways to express these archetypes and their virtues in our daily lives.  


The archetype of the High Priestess is one I have frequently meditated with over the past few years.  She is dedicated to the divine, to healing and growth, and to bringing these to the earthly realm.  She is an alchemist, one who can harness the best of what is around her to manifest and create in real time, here and now.  She witnesses the magic in nature, the elements, the body, life, and uses these to direct, amplify, change the energy around her.  

Take a look at what you surround yourself with, in your home, office, and the spaces you inhabit.  Each of these possessions was chosen for a reason, all have a signature energy, which can amplify what is within you.  Crystals behave in the same way- they each have their own healing...

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