Do you know what you were built for?

Edge of Eclipse

On Tuesday, we connect with the first eclipse of 2, in Scorpio, with a Scorpio New Moon.  A partial solar eclipse, reducing the light from the sun, with a dark new moon. This is an opportunity to release the past and uncover, remember, rediscover deeper truths within...

One of the concepts I have been pondering and refining for awhile now centers around Purpose or Dharma, and more specifically, what we are built for.

I believe that each of us has chosen to exist here in this lifetime, this plane, for various reasons. I also believe that we did not come without a plan, or arrive 'empty-handed'.

Imagine that you are planning a journey, one of importance, that would have an impact, both on yourself, and the lives your journey intersects with.

There would be many reasons for the endeavor, and because of its importance, you would prepare yourself. You would not begin without some knowledge of timing, terrain, or potential obstacles you could face. You would have an idea of what you needed beforehand, and what you could obtain along the way.

And your presence here is just like this- you arrive with innate gifts that are unique to you, and all that you are here to provide, awaken, or share.  Your gifts can be developed and amplified as you apply them, but the potential and deeper awareness was already there.

You were built for this time, and for this world.

When you consider that you have all you could need within, and that the tools and knowledge are present with you now, how does it feel?

I find it liberating, centering, and I feel much more present within my body and my life. Because there is purpose, and a sense of belonging, because we simply get to show up as our authentic selves, and contribute to the bigger picture, creating with the rest of Creation.

I would encourage you to spend some time this week pondering:

  • What is my area of genius?
  • Which gifts/skills/virtues feel most natural to me?
  • Where do my natural inclinations lie/direct me?
  • What have I been denying, hiding, judging that could be of service in this moment?


Remember that you can never be unworthy, useless, or lost, as you were born for this moment. Allow yourself to embrace and embody this now.

-Jennifer <3

 **We will connect online on Tuesday, the day of the first eclipse, to delve deeper into discovery of what we have each been built for. This is going to be a potent time to heal and gain clarity for the future, you are welcome to join us then


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