Do you know what you were built for?

Edge of Eclipse

On Tuesday, we connect with the first eclipse of 2, in Scorpio, with a Scorpio New Moon.  A partial solar eclipse, reducing the light from the sun, with a dark new moon. This is an opportunity to release the past and uncover, remember, rediscover deeper truths within...

One of the concepts I have been pondering and refining for awhile now centers around Purpose or Dharma, and more specifically, what we are built for.

I believe that each of us has chosen to exist here in this lifetime, this plane, for various reasons. I also believe that we did not come without a plan, or arrive 'empty-handed'.

Imagine that you are planning a journey, one of importance, that would have an impact, both on yourself, and the lives your journey intersects with.

There would be many reasons for the endeavor, and because of its importance, you would prepare yourself. You would not begin without some knowledge of timing, terrain, or potential obstacles you could face....

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How can your Ancestors guide you?

Happy Halloween beautiful beings, I hope you are enjoying the energy this weekend!  Over the next few days, the veil 'thins', we are able to more easily connect with and witness what is beyond the physical realm.  

Each year, I spend this time meditating with my ancestors.  What I have learned is that they contain a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  I have recognised that so much of my strength, discernment, and faith have been interited, and have grown within me through each choice to apply them and evolve.

Your ancestors were the survivors, the warriors, as well as the singers, artists, and inventors.  They were skilled, dedicated, and knowledgeable.  I know that we can often get caught up in the belief that we have to dedicate so much time and energy to healing them, that we forget all that we can gain from our connection with them.

Schedule some time this weekend to remember the gifts within your ancestral lines, to feel them...

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