How can you Prepare for Fundamental Change?

Although we are a few weeks into Spring and a new astrological year, things may not feel as 'solid' or formed as we would like for them to be.  We have cardinal energy to inspire us, fire to ignite passion, and the Warrior/Aries energy to give us direction.

But we are also moving towards Eclipse Season (cue dramatic music!) ;)

Each year, I normally spend some time connecting with the eclipses, making plans that work with the energies present, and generally being aware of their effect.

This year is different.  This year, my focus keeps being drawn to the eclipses, and I have been feeling compelled to make them a focus for the year.


Here is just a little bit of info to give some clarity (we'll go deeper during eclipse season)-

The eclipses this year are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  So for those of you with a lot of energy in either sign, you're going to feel it!  And even if you don't, these transits will absolutely effect you too.

Taurus energy centres on the body, home, the ways we exist as human beings, and what we value.  In the run up to the first eclipse, I wouldn't be surprised if you find that you want to redecorate, revamp your wardrobe, change hairstyles or ways you express your physical self.  I also wouldn't be surprised if many of the things you put a lot of time and effort into start to change.  The North Node in Taurus will encourage you to look at your appetites, what you crave, where your addictions lie, and what you 'feed' yourself (and whether these choices actually have the desired effect).  Think about the mouth, tastes, cravings, desire, consumption, and what you 'take in' to your body and world.


With Scorpio, we are taken deep below the surface, into the depths of the subconscious, the unconscious, the hidden, the belly.  As we turn our focus towards what is unknown or misunderstood (the dark), we are able to understand and evolve, which facilitates the presence of more truth and light.

So during eclipse season, which holds its own power for death and rebirth, tabula rasa and planting seeds, I would not be surprised if you feel encouraged to spend time in meditation, digging into long abandoned aspects of yourself, allowing yourself to witness the pain, and release the wounds that have shaped your unconscious choices.

The South Node in Scorpio will be working through karma, past lives, ancestral cycles, and facilitating completion of these stories.  Think of finishing a meal where each course has complemented the others, and you feel satisfied, happy, content.  By allowing these cycles to complete, stories have a satisfactory resolution and you are no longer caught in the spin cycle of time, identity, and obligation.


The picture below is one that I took last year as I was walking to a concert in London, ready to step into flow, a peak experience, a non-ordinary state.  I love the mix of light and dark, clear and cloudy, form and flow.  I feel like it pretty accurately represents where we are right now, the potential energies over the next few months, and what we could reach.

The beauty of this liminal energy is that we can open up some of the stubborn, Fixed energy within and transform aspects of ourselves that will become 'fixed' (in the healthiest sense), consistent and reliable in the years to come.  We can embody rituals and ways of living that consistently bring satisfaction into our daily lives.  We can finish with the unhealthy habits that have pulled at us for years.  We can open our minds to whole new perspectives and ways of seeing the world.  And we can shift our identities into higher versions and aspects that we can embody. How exciting is that?


Over the next few weeks, I would encourage you to-

1. Take some time to examine your physical world and assess what you value.  Does your home feel like home? When you wear your clothes, do you feel like you? Are you consuming things that actually support you to build the life you want to live, and what you want to 'taste' and experience (food, drink, what you read, watch, and anything you spend your money on)?

2. Assess your inner world and the stories that you are living.  Are you the protagonist of your own story, or are you simply filling roles for others? Are you attempting to resolve karma for ancestors or people other than yourself? What patterns could complete that would bring the most satisfaction and fulfillment within?


Remember that the effects of this eclipse season can be profound and consciously created, if you choose to step into the energy of transformation with courage and honesty.  For those of you wanting some support with this, I have an offer for you, and I can't wait to be a part of this phase of your journey!


Very Limited Offer!

We have just a few more weeks with all planets moving forward, and the beginning of eclipse season!  If you'd like to take advantage of these potent transits, book in with me with and let's get things moving and shaking for you! 

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