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Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling light, free, and full of hope for the next 6 months! Eclipse Season ended on Monday, so we've have had 6 weeks to untangle and unfold. What a process it has been! I'd encourage you to reflect on what has changed for you, how your focus or direction has shifted, and what you want to work towards over the next 6 months.


Personally, over the past year or more, I have known that something was shifting, both within me, and in what I am called to offer. 

Once I began to design the changes, to talk to trusted friends and colleagues, I began to feel more aligned than I have in years. I am so excited to share all of this with you, but also feel totally centred, steady, and at peace with all that is unfolding. Peaceful Awareness, a beautiful place to be. 

Some of these visions are still developing, but I wanted to share what I can with you now. I have included some information below, with links to more. If any of this calls you, or you think it may be aligned, please get in touch to explore the possibilities!


Our Seasonal Membership is evolving into something more!

The ReMembering Collective will still include online events with the seasons (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses), Intro & Clearing Calls, but will also include so much more! 

Instead of jumping between various topics based on the current transits, I wanted to give it more of a course feel. So along with the seasonal events and Clearing Calls, there will be 6-7 calls dedicated to a specific topic, to take you through the journey of Awakening.

You can choose to join for a season at a time, or go in for the full year, which allows you to go through the entire journey with the collective.

Winter: Intuition

Spring: Conscious Boundaries (and Flow States)

Summer: Turning your Wounds into Wisdom

Autumn: Initiation & Becoming the Elder

You can learn more about the new ReMembering Collective HERE, I would love to welcome you to our Tribe!




A Modern Apprenticeship: I am so excited and inspired to share this with you! Basically, this is what I wish I had 11 years ago when I left my job and dedicated my world to being a Healer and a Teacher.

This year-long container is for Healing Practitioners, Spiritual Teachers, and Purpose-Driven Leaders, who want to be guided, supported, and cheered on as we develop you as a person, but also as one who serves from the Heart. Apprentices will work with me 1:1, we will identify which practices and areas of study will best serve you (and your clients), we'll develop your offerings so that you can have greater impact, and you'll assist and co-create with me for my event, for hands-on training! (Basically, I want to support you to structure your events and offerings so that you can make an incredible impact!) AND it includes a place within the new Membership for the year!

You can learn more HERE. I am planning to officially launch the Apprenticeship in the Spring, but please get in touch to talk through details, ask questions, and feel into the possibilities!

(If you wouldn't class yourself as a 'healer', a full year feels too long, or you don't feel you're quite ready to commit to an Apprenticeship, you have the option to join me for 6 months in the Embodied Existence program, details HERE)




And my final new offering will be our Monthly Congregation, a spiritual gathering of open-hearted Souls that have a desire to meet, meditate, heal, support, and evolve together. My hope and plan is for these events to be remarkable, and to showcase talented artists and creatives, to elevate the energy of the group and activate creativity within all of us!

Our first gathering will be held in mid-January, and full details will be listed within the next week. These will be held each month in Edinburgh, with plans to develop and expand in the near future.

To learn more about the energy and intention of these monthly gatherings, click HERE



I'm aware that this is a lot of information at once. Its been a long time coming!! If you have any feedback or ideas to share, please get in touch!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week, feeling free and unlimited with the Scorpio New Moon. Remember that the world can be your creative playground, inspired by your imagination and openness to possibility!


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