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Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling light, free, and full of hope for the next 6 months! Eclipse Season ended on Monday, so we've have had 6 weeks to untangle and unfold. What a process it has been! I'd encourage you to reflect on what has changed for you, how your focus or direction has shifted, and what you want to work towards over the next 6 months.


Personally, over the past year or more, I have known that something was shifting, both within me, and in what I am called to offer. 

Once I began to design the changes, to talk to trusted friends and colleagues, I began to feel more aligned than I have in years. I am so excited to share all of this with you, but also feel totally centred, steady, and at peace with all that is unfolding. Peaceful Awareness, a beautiful place to be. 

Some of these visions are still developing, but I wanted to share what I can with you now. I have included some information below, with links to more....

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Have you been waiting for your fresh start?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying your final day of Winter, and feeling ready to step into Spring!

Over the years, I have witnessed clients and students create some pretty incredible changes in their bodies, minds, and lives. And while those grand shifts are inspiring and exciting to watch, they never happen without the implementation of some healthy boundaries, choices, practices, both before and after.

We already operate within so many cycles, rhythms, and patterns. We live with seasonal changes, growth and die off of the natural world, a dance with the elements around and within. And the more that we can tune into the cycles of life, the easier it becomes to navigate.

I have been holding online events over the past 5+ years, connecting with the cycles of the moon, Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses, because I know that when we tap into the bigger picture, we can ride the energetic waves, recognise when it is time to rest and reassess, and when to take a...

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How do you create opportunities for Expansion?

Hello beautiful beings!  We are currently between 2 eclipses, and heading deeper into Sagittarius Season!  This week is an ideal time to shed old skins, masks, roles, identities.  And as you create spaciousness within, you gain clarity to choose what will support and nurture you over the coming season.

Take time this week to sit and breathe.  Connect with your body and emotions.  Seek the deeper meaning in what you feel and what you experience.  The answers are within.

If we fight against, we become small and fixed.  But this is a time to expand.  Allow yourself to expand your mind, and what you think you know.  This is how we learn.

Allow yourself to expand your heart and the ways you experience life.  This is how we learn to shift our emotional states and the way we feel in this world.

Allow yourself to expand your focus and the ways you view others around you.  This is how we see beyond what can be seen.


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Some news!!

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are enjoying the autumn season, the longer nights, and time to reflect!

I have a few announcements to make, and I am so excited to share the news with you!

The first is that the school in Lombok, Indonesia we've raised money for has been built in under a week! It is the world’s second earthquake-resistant school made of recycled plastic blocks – turning plastic waste into a valuable commodity AND using technology that enables robust schools and homes to be built in under a week.  (Watch the build HERE!)

Our team has raised £24k of the £28k needed, and we have created an online auction to cover the final costs.

Prizes include a week in North Provence, online courses, creative experiences, paintings, candles, and small gifts under £50. Or there's the option to Just Donate or purchase a Sponsor a Block Gift Certificate (a great gift!). Check the auction out HERE




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