Are you choosing through your Wounds or your Strength?

Acting from Strength, not from your Wounds

I have been watching the world around me lately, pondering the motivations that stir/push/move us to act. Various periods throughout history, as well as shifting consciousness, expectations, limitations, and what is considered 'acceptable' have woven throughout the meditations and observations, and I have again, come to the conclusion, that history repeats because we repeat.  And that can either serve us in beautiful ways, or slow our chances for healing, progress, freedom.

In terms of our negative choices, behaviours, and reactions, we are able to look back at the wounds and trauma that motivated us to react in such a way.  A broken heart motivates us to shy away from vulnerability and a chance at new love.  An overly strict or controlling parent can motivate us to avoid making our own choices because that had always been done for us.  A manipulative family member may motivate us to doubt others, to lack in trust, to close off from honest connection.  

We can usually trace our negative reactions to wounding that shaped our outlook and identity.

What I find most interesting about choosing through wounding is that it can often have a bigger ripple effect than intended.  Someone who has felt disempowered or controlled, will often respond by being more manipulative, because of an inability to be open and honest before.  And through this manipulation of one, it can affect an entire family, tribe, or community.  The reality is that the wounding and choices made through it are never really limited to one or two people.  The wounds bleed, and touch everyone around.

This is how communities become toxic. This is how families suffer. This is how we lose foundations, and lose our way...


I think that we are more prone to choosing from our wounds when we have not learned to cultivate our strengths.  We each have a unique alchemy of gifts within us, that we are able to cultivate and apply throughout our lives.  We are born with the potential of many of these virtues, we inherit some, and others are remembered through time. 

Our subconscious mind and conditioning will most often default to the past, the wounds and pain that we are trying to resolve (often in unhealthy ways),  and towards meeting 'needs' that are not truly aligned.

But if we can lean into our gifts and apply them in more meaningful ways, it heals us on many levels. We would know that simply by existing, we are valued, accepted, and have a purpose. We would recognise the divine in the human, and through sharing our gifts, would bring heaven to earth. We would honour the divinity in ourselves and others, which would better cultivate communities based in respect, compassion, care.

We did not come here to repeat karma, to relive wounds lifetime after lifetime. We are here to live, not as messengers of the divine, but as embodied Souls.

A few things to consider over the coming days:

  •  Which gifts/strengths do I have that I dismiss, ignore, or downplay? Why have I done this for so long? What would happen if I stopped?
  • What has felt easy or natural to me over the years that I could incorporate into my daily life? Am I naturally compassionate, honest, caring, supportive, creative? Could I use these gifts more?
  • What do people compliment me for that I possibly dismiss or don't fully believe? What if what they say is true? How could I accept this insight?


Remember that the best within you is what sets us all free.  You can live your most divine self, and witness the world change within and around you.  How will you begin?

-Jennifer <3

For those of you who feel inspired to Activate your Inherent Gifts instead of live through your wounds, I will be online on Sunday from 2-5:30pm BST, delving into the benefit of our unique talents and wisdom, and how to shape your lives around them!  You can learn more HERE


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