What are you leaving behind?

New Year, Better Flow...

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season, and are enjoying the beginning of a brand new calendar year. One of my favourite aspects of this time is opening a fresh, clean diary, and beginning to write in new plans and dreams for the 12 months ahead. What is your favourite ritual or practice this time of year?

Speaking of practices, I wanted to send a quick note about offerings over the next few months. We are now heading deep into Winter, but out of the darkness, and the plan is to provide events that reflect the energies present within the cosmos and here on Earth.

*For those nearby, dates are being confirmed for in-person Meditation & Subconscious Healing at the Wee Retreat in Glasgow. Numbers are growing again, and we're aiming to fill the studio, to open hearts and minds with each event.

*In terms of online offerings, we have seasonal events with Imbolc, and Equinox. Imbolc marks the middle of Winter and the ascent into Spring. It is already rapidly approaching, on 1 February, and you are welcome to join us to mark the occasion and adjust into deeper alignment.

I have received requests for a few events, which will be confirmed within the next few weeks. These include Dig Deeper (in-person), a second LIVE offering of Form & Flow (online), and an in-person Flow Day. I would love to hear from you if you feel inspired to join any/all!


At this point in time, as we are moving into a new season and year, we are encouraged to assess where we are within our own timelines. The goal is not to judge or compare with where you 'should be', but to gain insight on what has brought you to this point. And if you are not fully aligned, what would take you there.

I encourage you to pause and breathe into this. We often want to dash ahead to the next shiny thing. But often, what slows us down is the burden we carry, which distracts and exhausts us.

To start the year, start with a No. What can you release, or unburden yourself with right now? It may be a small habit, a feeling, a relationship dynamic, a reaction. The more we carry, the dimmer vision becomes, the slower the step. What could you release that would liberate you?

Take some time to day to meditate on a few questions:

  • Which unconscious habit(s) use up my time, energy, focus, patience?
  • Which unconscious conversations are boring, lifeless, chosen to 'keep the peace'?
  • Which ways am I reacting that are motivated by anger, frustration, abandonment, fear?
  • Where am I afraid to say No, even though I truly understand that it is the healthy response? And what would help me to set that boundary?

Remember that sometimes less is more. When we strip back to what aligns and nourishes, we thrive. Start to peel back the layers now, and don't be afraid to leave them where they lie.


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