Are you pushing for something that isn't for you?

Hello beautiful beings! I hope that you are enjoying the end of Summer and Virgo Season, and are feeling inspired to enter into Autumn and Libra Season! The energy this week has had some movement to it, and I can feel the flow from one season to another.

Over the weekend, I was talking to some students about how grateful I was that some of the things I wished for, planned for, asked for, never manifested. There were things within my career that I thought I wanted, but did not fully align with my deeper desires. Hindsight makes it easier to recognise our blindspots and assumptions, and I can clearly see where I was not clearly seeing, at the time.

And yesterday, I was listening to a podcast with Ethan Hawke, who quoted, "Lord protect me from what I want". (It looks as though the great Pablo Picasso stated this). And it took me down the rabbit hole of unfulfilled wishes, and the blessings that follow when we do not receive what we push for.

We can invest and expend so much energy, trying to force something to manifest, pushing for a yes, trying our best to will something into being. But I also believe that there are some things that are not meant for us.

One of the biggest lessons of my life came when I looked at what I was desperately trying to manifest, and then recognising that much of it was in direct conflict with, and/or creating obstacles with what I am truly here to experience and embody.

If it does not align with your Dharma, you will have a hard time making it happen. And you may be trying to do the impossible. And thank goodness it is...

I write this not to deflate your hopes, or make you feel that you need to give up. But I hope that you will give up gracefully on that which does not align and will not serve your greater purpose. Take heart in the fact that the doors that are open or opening are there for you.

As we approach the Equinox this weekend, we enter a powerful portal to reassess where there is harmony and disharmony in your world. If you are pushing, forcing, controlling, there is an invitation to come back to heart, open your eyes and mind, and find what is present before you. Your own intuition can guide you in this, your sense of being, an understanding and acceptance of your Dharma. You don't need to be 'protected' from what you want, you can simply get clearer on why you want it.


A few things to meditate on this weekend:

  • What am I trying to force that is creating suffering or confusion? What could open up if I stopped pushing?
  • Where am I trying to conform (family obligations, cultural expectations, etc) that stops me from expressing myself more fully? What would I express if I stopped trying to 'fit in'?
  • Do I fully understand why I want to manifest what I have asked for? Could I go deeper into those motivations, to see if they really have integrity?
  • What choices would bring more harmony into my life, where things work together, with more flow?


Remember that the more deeply we understand ourselves and why we are here, the easier it becomes to create a life of harmony and flow. The answers are within you. Release the obstacles, the conflicting beliefs, and create a life that truly aligns! 

Feel free to hit 'reply' and share what this brings up for you. I would love to witness your musings, questions, and epiphanies!

-Jennifer <3

P.S. If you would like some support with this, we'll be online for the Equinox Event on Friday, and we also address much of this in the upcoming Game of Life Theta Healing Course, held online 6-8 October


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