Can you make your life feel New again?

Hello beautiful beings, I hope that you are feeling in flow with the upcoming eclipse, and are consciously preparing for the options and opportunities presenting!

When meditating on the message for this week, I heard "I am making all things New". And I started to wonder what that would entail...

We can often fear change, we are afraid of upsetting someone or something in our lives. We can avoid making a new choice because it challenges our sense of identity, or how we show up in the world. We stick with the things that cause us the most suffering because it is known. Or we continue with a habit that isn't wholly destructive, but also is not contributing to what we want to experience.

This is when we feel bored, stuck, stagnant, in a holding pattern.

We can dismiss a thought of newness even with the things that have been working for us, but could be moving into that realm of habitual. The meditation practice we started with a year ago is now feeling more like a chore. The daily exercise isn't really producing results, physically or mentally, any more. The music that moved us a month ago has lost its magic.

I am not saying that everything has to go. But if it has lost a sense of newness, freshness, inspiration, there is an invitation to make it new again.

When I feel into making something new again, there are a few steps or options. We can recognise what has gone stale. Maybe meditation is still a beautiful practice, but you are ready to go deeper, include Nature, find another voice, or a new focus. Or a relationship may still really align, but you've become complacent, taking it for granted, forgotten the beauty of the connection that lies underneath the day to day.

So you can change what feels old, release the habits that rob it of its fun, magic, joy.

And then you can introduce an element that gives it a breath of air, life, movement, evolution. You can allow yourself to seek out what is lacking, to witness the benefits again.

The beauty of this is that it reinvigorates your life, energises your body and mind, and reminds you that life is cyclical, ever changing. And when you embrace that everything is evolving, you can find a flow. The newness you desire comes with making small changes that can add up to much more, a bigger impact, and better quality of life.

A few things to meditate on over the coming days:

  • Which areas, behaviours, reactions are stale, boring, uninspiring? What could I leave out?
  • What am I interested in trying, learning more about, practicing, studying? How could I begin to include these interests?
  • What scares me about change? What am I afraid I will 'lose', that would actually enhance my life if I did?
  • What inspires me within that feeling of newness? How do I want to feel, what do I want to experience, how could my life become new again with a willingness to evolve?

Remember that the way we feel indicates whether or not we are in alignment. When we ignore the boredom and feeling of being stuck, it continues to build until we address it. Feeling trapped is your sign to awaken, and make a new choice for yourself. And the answers are within. Spend some time with the mantra "| am making all things new", and witness the ideas, clarity, and inspiration that begins to unfold!


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